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In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.  ~ Albert Einstein


About me

The past several years have been a whirlwind for myself and people in the United States, and truly all over the world!  I personally experienced huge shifts in my life, health, and place in this world.  On this journey, there were many people, books, and resources that helped me and through this website, I aim to help others by sharing some of this knowledge.  The scope of this site encompasses healing, spirituality, metaphysics, and many other related topics.

My goal through is tp help empower others to heal themselves, emotionally, spiritually, and physically!  It has been an incredible journey for me in changing my life and I hope that Healing Powers is helpful to you on your journey.

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Laura Powers, Healing Powers Founder and President

The Healing Powers Team

Laura Powers, Healing Powers Founder and President

Laura Powers is the Founder and President of Healing Powers, a company dedicated to sharing information and resources on healing and metaphysical topics.  She is a writer, producer, and host of the TV show “Healing Powers TV”. Laura started the company as part of a personal healing journey with the goal of helping others find the resources and tools for self-healing. 

Laura has a diverse background in arts and culture, business, and public administration with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and a Master of Arts Degree in Political Science. Prior to starting Healing Powers, she worked in higher education at the University of Colorado - Office of the President, CU-Boulder Alumni Association, and University of Washington. She has served as a Planning Commissioner, Public Art Committee Chair, and on the board of a local theater company. 

She has lived, worked, and studied in London, Prague, Barcelona, Cairo, Turkey, Shanghai, and Hawaii.  She is an avid traveller and enjoys meeting people from all over the world and learning about their cultures and world views.  This desire to explore different perspectives has been a driving force behind her business Healing Powers. Laura strives to educate others on how to empower and heal themselves and hopes to help spread this message all over the world.

Laura currently works as a medium, clairvoyant, and angel-communicator.  She offers her services as a speaker on various topics related to healing, spirituality and metaphysics.  Email her at laura@healingpowers.net for more info.

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