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In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.  ~ Albert Einstein


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September 27 edition: Dreamtime, Isis, Laura in California, and Day of Tikkun

August 31 edition: Archangel Ariel, Spontaneous Evolution Podcast, and Reading Rate Increase

August 8 edition: Goals, Reiki Special, Saint Germain, and help with Dolphins

July 25 edition:  Healing Powers TV with Dr. Farmer on Animal Spirit Guides, win a copy of my book, buddha, angel support group.

July 7 edition: Open House, Venus, Angel Support Group

June 14 edition: Venus, Faerie Festival, and more!

May 7 edition: Healing Powers TV featuring Braco, Oracle Card Divination Class, B-day Special, and Festival of the Faerie!

April 10 edition: Life and the After-Life book launch, "A Time for Truth" Podcast with Nick Bunick, Archangel Metatron, and manifesting

March 26 edition: "Life and the After Life" Book launch, Archangel Azrael, Oracle Card Divination Class

February 28: All About Angels (Free Talk), Podcast on Astrology with Debra Silverman, Archangel Ariel

February 14: Benefits of Decluttering, Love Readings, Maeve the Queen of the Fairies, Podcast on Crystals

February 4: Living Our Dreams, Manifesting, Abundantia the Goddess of Abundance, and HP TV with Dr. Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics

January 24: Manifesting teleclass, find your yellow-brick road, and package readings

January 14: Year of The Water Dragon, Podcast on Mediumship, Reading Rate Increase,and more!

January 3: Podcast on the the Law of Attraction, Visioning Article, and more!


December 23: Learn about Angels on a Cruise in Mediterranean, Readings in  Denver, Visioning

December 12: Angel Class Dec. 20th, Gift Certificates, Archangels Class, and Angel Class for Kids, and more!

December 1: Angel Gathering Dec. 20, Business Readings, Podcast on Controlled Remote Viewing and Gift Certificates!

November 24: Happy Thanksgiving, Readings at Parties, Gift Certificates, and Spirit Guide and Fairy Class

November 16: Angel Teleclass, Spirit Guide and Fairy Class, Angel Gathering, Podcast on Untuition, In the News

November 11: Two Angel Classes, Free 10 Minute Reading, Gratitude, and More!

November 4:  Angel Class Sat. Nov. 12th 11 am - 1 pm, Lots of Great Events!

October 28: All Hallows' Eve, Podcast on Celtic Astrology, Angel Class

October 21: Angel Class, Free Intro to Book on Saints, Two new podcasts, and TV episode on Organics

October 4th: New Healing Powers TV episode on Regression Therapy, 11-11-11 events, new article, and more!

September 27: Reiki article, new resources, reading packages and more!

September 22: Laura in San Francisco,Angel Class, Email Readings, new podcast and tv episode!

September 15: New network, Angel Connection Class, Readings at Celebrate Lafayette, and more!

September 9, 2011: Tools for Empowerment Last Chance

September 3, 2011: Tools for Empowerment, Eat Drink and Be Healthy, and more!

August 26, 2011: Healing Powers News: Readings over Skype, Video Production, and more!

August 16, 2011: Healing Powers News: 2 New Podcasts, Pentagrams, and Readings

August 4, 2011: Tomorrow: Healing Powers TV Taping with Dr. Andrea Cohen

July 21, 2011 edition

July 10, 2011 edition

July 3, 2011 edition

June 16, 2011 edition



Angel Gathering Dec. 20, Business Readings, Podcast on Controlled Remote Viewing and Gift Certificates!