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Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future (and a way to get there from here) with Steve Bhaerman

In this interview with co-author Steve Bhaerman, I learned about a great deal about the shift we are going through and the challenges we are experiencing are really a part of the evolution of the planet and ourselves.  For more information on Steve Bhaerman, go to http://www.wakeuplaughing.com/.  

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Wabi Sabi Love with Arielle Ford

In this interview I spoke with Arielle Ford about the Wabi Sabi approach to love.  Basically it is not looking at people as flawed.  There was some great info in this interview!  For more information on Arielle or her books, go to http://arielleford.com/

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A Time for Change with Nick Bunick

Laura Powers interviews New York Times best selling author of "A Time for Truth."  Nick is the author of several books including "The Messengers" and "The Commitment."  For more information on Nick Bunick, go to www.nickbunick.com.

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Astrology with Debra Silverman

Laura Powers interviews astrologist Debra Silverman about astrology and how we can use to help with our life purpose and also know about the timing of important life events. For more info. on Debra Silverman, go to www.debrasilvermanastrology.com.

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Crystals with John Corsa

Laura Powers interviews John Corsa, a Crystologist on crystals, what they are, and how they can be used.  For more information on John Corsa, go to www.johncorsa.com.

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Mediumship with Catherine Yunt

Laura Powers interviews Catherine Yunt, medium, healer, astrologer and psychic.  Catherine has been featured in several movies including "Something Unknown is Doing I Don't Know What" and has also been studied by scientists.  For more information on Catherine, go to http://www.innerknowing.net/

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The Law of Attraction with Jonathan Manske

Jonathan Manske, Cerebral Sanitation Engineer and author of The Law of Attraction Made Simple, discusses the Law of Attraction and how we can use it to build a better life.  I have used several tips in my life already to help clear mental blocks.  For more information on Jonathan, go to www.jonathanmanske.com

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Controlled Remote Viewing with Anna Haight

Anna Haight, manager of the Controlled Remote Viewing Research Institute, discusses Controlled Remote Viewing, what it is and how it can be utilized.  For more information on the Institute, go to http://www.energymedicineuniversity.org/CRVResearch.html

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The Art of Intuition with Sophy Burnham

Sophy Burnham is the author of the Art of Intuition, A Book of Angels and many other books.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her on the topic of intuition.  We discussed what intuition is, how we can tap into it and recognize our own intuition.  For more information on Sophy Burnham, go to www.sophyburnham.com.

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Extraordinary Times with Wayne Peterson

Wayne Peterson is the author of Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom talks about ancient wisdom teachings and the shift that the world is going through.  He also gives some suggestions what we can all do to help ease the transition.  For more information on Wayne, go to http://www.waynepeterson.com/.

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Celtic Astrology with Margaret Neylon

Margaret Neylon is the author of several books and a workshop facilitator in Ireland.  In this interview, she discusses what Celtic Astrology, the topic of her most recent book, Perfect Timing. For more information on Margaret, go to www.margaretneylon.com


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Global Oneness Day with Steve Farrell

Steve Farrell is the Worldwide Coordinating Director of Humanities Team, a worldwide organization designed to help awaken and embody oneness throughout the world.  Steve talked about Global Oneness day (October 24th) why it is important, and how people can get involved and participate.  For more information on Humanities Team and Global Oneness Day, go to http://www.humanitysteam.org/

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Sacred Geometry with Gregory Hoag

During this interview, we discuss sacred geometry and many other fascinating topics! Do you know why we say "knock on wood" for good luck?  I didn't before this interview and the answer fascinated me!  For more information on Gregory Hoag and his company Meta Forms, go to http://www.metaforms.net/content/

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Communicating and Calling on Angels with Margaret Neylon

Margaret Neylon is an author and workshop facilitator and I had the pleasure of interviewing her on her work with angels.  She shares some great tips on how you can connect with and receive guidance and support from angels.  For more information on Margaret, go to http://www.margaretneylon.com

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"The Life After Death Project" with Paul Davids on 8-10-11

Paul Davids, movie director, writer and director, discusses his forthcoming documentary, "The Life After Death Project," a film that documents strange phenomenon that follow the death of a good friend of Paul's.  For more information on the movie and Paul, go to www.pauldavids.com.  To contact Paul, email starrynightmovie@aol.com.

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Toltec Tradition with Susan Gregg on 8-10-11

Susan Gregg, author and teacher, discusses Toltec Tradition and how the teachings can impact your day-to-day life.  Toltec Tradition is knowledge from the Teotihuacán civilization in Mexico made famous in Don Miguel Ruiz's book "The Four Agreements." For more information on Susan Gregg, go to www.susangregg.com

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Breath of Light with Lachlen French on 8-2-11

Lachlen French, author of Breath of Light, discusses the bible and the significant changes that have been made over time to core teachings and passages.  Learn what the word spirit originally meant and other fascinating changes that were made.  For more information on Lachlen and a free sample of his book, go to www.thebreathoflight.net.

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The Meaning of Organic with Gerri Kier on 7-21-11

Gerri Kier is a Certified Natural Health Provider and Nutrition Consultant for the past 10 years. In this podcast, Gerri shares helpful information on what organic really means. For more information on Gerri and the Complete Nutrition Alliance, go to www.completenutritionalliance.com.

Click here to download the deadly dozen list that Gerri refers to in the interview.

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Tibetan Medicine with Tibetan Doctor Nashalla Nyinda on 7-10-11

Nashalla Nyinda, Tibetan Doctor, shares information on the Tibetan approach to health and medicine.  Nashalla has lived in Tibet and India and is one of the few westerners who is a fully trained Tibetan doctor. to For more information on Nashalla and her practice go to www.holistic-health.org or bouldertibetanmedicine.com.

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Past Life Regression with Dr. Linda Backman on 6-28-11

Dr. Backman, author of Bringing Your Soul to Light, sheds light on the process of past-life and between life regression and shares knowledge she has gleaned over the last 33 years in her practice.  For more information on Linda, go to http://www.ravenheartcenter.com/.

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Your Soul's Plan with Rob Schwartz on 6-12-11

Rob Schwartz, author of Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, discusses the premise that we are all eternal souls who plan our lives before we are born for the purposes of spiritual growth. Rob has generously provided a free excerpt. Click here, to download it.  He is currently working on book two in the Your Soul's Plan series.  For more information on Rob and his books, go to www.yoursoulsplan.com.

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Reduce Clutter and Stress with Dayna Rae Martinez Melamed 6-2-11

Professional Organizer Dayna Rae shares information on why reducing clutter and creating a calm home environment is so important.  She also gives a few quick and easy tips you can do yourself at home.  For more information on Dayna and Time for You Organizing, go to www.timeforyouorganizing.com.

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The Science of Energy Medicine with Dr. Claude Swanson on 5-18-11

Dr. Claude Swanson is a physicist who has written two books on the science of energy medicine The Synchronized Universe, the New Science of the Paranormal, and his follow-up book, Life Force, the Scientific Basis.  These books provide a wealth of information and detail scientific experiments and outcomes on various healing modalities including prana healing, acupuncture, Qigong, ESP, and many others.  I found the subject matter fascinating as energy work is rarely approached from a scientific perspective.  For more information on Dr. Swanson, his books, or speaking engagements, go to http://www.synchronizeduniverse.com/.

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Shamanism with Sandra Ingerman on 5-10-11

Sandra Ingerman teaches workshops on shamanism and is the author of eight books including Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation which was coauthored with Hank Wesselman.  In this interview, she discusses how we can incorporate shamanic practices into our daily lives and help clear pollution through spiritual practices.   For more information on Sandra, her books, and workshops go to http://www.sandraingerman.com/.  

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Intuition with Michael Tamura on 4-28-11

Michael Tamura is a renowned spiritual teacher, psychic, and author of the book You Are The Answer: An Extroardinary Guide to Entering the Sacred Dance with Life and Fulfilling Your Soul Purpose.  Michael shares a wealth of helpful information on why we so often feel like something is missing in our lives, and gives some great tips on how you can tell the difference between intuition and ego created thoughts and impulses. For information on Michael and his events, go to http://www.michaeltamura.com/index.html.

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Essential Oils with Jeanne Natre 3-24-11

Jeanne discusses the history and benefits of Essential Oils including some great stories such as how Thieves Oil got its name (a fascinating story), and other helpful facts.  For additional information, go to www.spiritscent.net.  To contact her call 303-828-0941 or email Jeanne@spiritscent.net.

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