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In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.  ~ Albert Einstein

Readings, Coaching, Reiki and Services by Laura Powers

Laura will be in the bay area the end of September through mid-October and will be seeing clients there and regular clients over the phone as well.   To make an appointment, email laura@healingpowers.net.

Laura provides her services by appointment in Lafayette, Colorado at her office located at 201 E. Simpson St. Unit B, Office 6. Laura can also come to you for a fee.   Laura charges $180 for an hour, $120 for 45 minutes and $80 for a half-hour readings.  

Laura offers the following services, more information on each is below:

  • Readings 
  • Reiki
  • Energy clearing Work
  • Ghost clearing and entity detachment
  • Classes
  • One-on-one training (clairvoyant reading techniques, intuition, manifesting, mediumship, and more)
  • Presentations/Speeches 



Laura offers many different types of services including: Life Path Readings, General Readings, Romance Readings, Angel Readings, Business Readings, and readings in which you can connect with your angels or family members who have crossed to the other side.  You can ask specific questions during the reading or see what your angels and spirit guides would like to communicate with you! 

Reiki/Energy Work 

Laura does energy work to help clients release blocks that are affecting them physically and emotionally.  Laura uses Reiki and other energetic tools in this process. Combining a reiki session with a reading can be a wonderful way to help receive guidance and remove energy blockages that may be holding you back.  Please see the Reiki page for additional information.


Laura does energy clearing work for individuals and also clears spaces of ghosts (earth-bound spirits), other beings, and stagnant energy. Sometimes this work can be done remotely and sometimes it is best for Laura to go to the location that needs to be cleared. Laura charges $200 for an hour or less of this service and pro-rates $120 per additional hour after this.  To enquire about this service, please email laura@healingpowers.net.

Other Services

Laura teaches classes and individuals, for more information on classes, go to the events page and for additional information on scheduling a private class with Laura, email laura@healingpowers.net.  Laura charges a sliding scale of $60-90 an hour for one-on-one classes. 

Laura offers business and life coaching and integrates energetic tools and information on guides and angels to help you on your path. You may also hire Laura for your business to get some insight into business opportunities or challenges or to assist with making a decision or resolving a conflict. 

Email laura@healingpowers.net  or call 303-800-4478 to schedule a session or for more info!  If you live outside of Colorado, that isn't a problem, just schedule a session over the phone, email or skype.  Laura can also travel to you for a travel fee.

Gift Certificates

Laura offers gift certificates in any denomination and since readings can be done over the phone, these are the perfect gift for anyone, anywhere!  Email laura@healingpowers.net to purchase.


Readings for Parties

Want to add a little extra fun to your party?  Hire Laura to come to your party!  Laura can do different types of readings to suit the crowd and she loves parties!  Parties in the Denver metro area include transportation in the fee and Laura can also travel to other cities or even states for an additional fee!  Email laura@healingpowers.net for more info.



Laura has seen and sensed ghosts and spirits ever since she was a child. It was through managing her experiences with ghosts and spirits that she connected with the angelic realm and has been working with them ever since.  She now uses her ability to communicate with earth bound spirits (ghosts), angels, spirits, and fairies to help her clients.  You may find this article on her work helpful to read.


Laura received her Angel Therapy Practitioner TM  certification through Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner course in Kona, Hawaii.  Additionally, Laura has trained with Clairvoyant Teacher Naomi Horii, Angel Medium Paula Vaughan, and has taken classes at the Boulder Psychic Institute.  Laura has also completed Dr. Linda Backman's Spirit Guide Regression Training Course and continues to take classes she feels guided to take on various topics.  Laura is always striving to learn and expand her knowledge to help her clients. 

Healing Powers


Laura is the real thing.....there is no way for her to know some of the things she told me (SPOT ON!!) unless she truly possessed a Gift. ~ anonymous living social client 10/1/12

Laura's natural warmth put me at ease during my reading and the images she shared were immediately meaningful to me. I understood an important next step I need to take thanks to her guidance.

~ Ruth

Laura Powers is an amazing, energetic, and multi-talented person dedicated to a healthier and better world! Laura is a fabulous television and video producer and host, brilliant conference and  event planner, actress, writer, coach, speaker, as well as a singer- songwriter (and more). Recently attended her workshop on empowerment and it was highly successful!  I just love her, and you will too!

~ Andrea
Joy Cohen, MD

Thank you so much. You are very gifted! 


I recently suffered one of the darkest periods of my life. We lost my Mother-in-Law suddenly last year. After struggling for years, my Husband and I decided to divorce. We'd been together 17 years. I moved out of our house to make his life easier and was living with friends. About then, my two closest friends almost completely abandoned me due to hardships of their own, business complications abounded and seemed endless. The stress was too much. I felt very depressed, unmotivated, and angry. Due to unforeseen drama, there was extra anger toward my ex and I found myself hating him for the first time in my life. It seemed everywhere I turned things were falling apart. This is just a portion of things that seemed to be going wrong all at once at that time. I had no joy and felt as if I had nothing to look forward to. Suicidal thoughts and hopelessness were my constant companions. Even thoughts of my daughter made me sad rather than happy. I wondered often how much she would miss me and thought 'not too much'.

Deciding to meet Laura for a healing session was the best decision I made at this juncture. She changed my life for the better after just an hour.

I'd had a terrible week filled with more drama than a day-time soap opera. I was spewing anger and accusations at my ex and just felt caught in the middle of the worst conflict I could remember. The time came to meet with Laura and so I went with no preconceived notions about what I should expect. I just wanted to be 'open'. She immediately gave me sense of peace and calm. I trusted her implicitly and this made it so easy to relax. Once Laura started my reading I felt her warm energy field linking us. The hair on my arms stood up and it was truly a connection that linked us together. It wasn't on my left or right and I swear I could almost wrap my arms around this invisible link between us.

What amazed me were the details she gave me about people in my life that have passed on. In particular, she described a woman holding me tight, knowing everything I was suffering, and loving me tremendously. From physical descriptions I knew this was Linda, my Mother-in-Law. To confirm this Laura told me Linda was showing her a heart. The heart was healthy, she said! I hadn't mentioned to Laura that Linda had died of a ruptured aneurysm in her heart. It was sudden and quick, though she had suffered from kidney failure for a couple of years, had been on dialysis and awaiting a kidney transplant. We never knew her heart was enlarged.

Laura also described my guardian angels and used them as guides to talk about certain aspects of my behaviors and personality that she couldn't have known since we just knew each other casually before this meeting.

After an hour, I left feeling more joyful and hopeful than I could ever remember. I felt hope. I knew that no matter what, we are all okay in the end. I immediately called my ex and forgave him with all of my heart. I had new understanding for his pain that I hadn't even a glimmer of one hour previously! He was astounded. He asked me rather nervously how I could have changed so dramatically in just a couple of hours. I told him about my meeting with Laura.

Since then, I've brought my daughter to see her. She had struggled with getting over the loss of Linda, her 'regular Grandma'. Death was frightening to her. She and Linda had been close since the moment my daughter was born. Here it was over a year later and she still cried almost daily. Laura and Jessica met privately for half an hour. I haven't pried but I could see in her face that she felt lighter after talking with Laura.  Now my daughter says, 'Thanks Mom! My meeting with Laura helped me so much!' Of course she still missed Grandma, but now she knows that Grandma is still 'out there' and watching over her.

~ Karen

I'd never had a reading with a medium before.  My youngest brother passed over recently and I got together with Laura feeling the need to communicate with him through another's connection.  During the reading, I asked questions, laughed, and cried with joy as Laura stepped through the veil to bring back images, feelings, and thoughts that could only be from my dear brother.  With the validation of messages and imaged I thought I'd been getting from him, I left feeling more comforted and connected with him than ever.  Thank you Laura!

Cher Michel

Laura Powers, angel and spiritual medium, is right on the mark with her readings and guidance. Her overall mindful optimism has helped me tremendously through several difficult situations, as I apply her lessons.  Calling on specific angels, which Laura has taught me, give me overactive mind a much better focus.  Out of all the possible variations of possible people available for this sort of work, Laura is clearly genuine, credible, reliable, and well grounded.  She is so worth one's while.  

~ Carolyn


Laura received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado in 2000, majoring in theatre with an emphasis in performance and costuming.   For a decade, she worked in higher education administration and business management.    In 2010, she completed her Master of Arts degree in Political Science with a focus on public policy.  Laura also studied International Business in the Czech Republic, Theatre and Art History in London, and she received her TEFL (Teaching English to Speakers of Foreign Languages) certificate in Barcelona.  Laura loves to teach and prior to starting Healing Powers, she lived and worked in Shanghai, teaching English to children. 

Scheduling and Payment

Laura offers 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute sessions in person, over the phone.  Payment via cash, paypal and visa, mastercard and discover are accepted over the phone or in person. 

Call or email to schedule your session at 303-800-4478 or laura@healingpowers.net.

Readings and coaching sessions can be done in person or over the phone or over skype.   

For more information on me, please see the background page.


Session length and type

Prior to Your Reading
You may find it helpful to make a list of questions to ask during the reading or I can also look at a life area or topic for you. Think about anything troubling you, or on your mind lately; often times angels and spirit guides can give us guidance in areas that are troubling us.  We can also just see what your angels and guides want to communicate to you! Some people simply want information on who their angels and guides are. There is no right way to approach the reading and I always open up the reading with a little prayer asking that whatever will be most helpful to the client will be addressed during the reading.

Cancellation Policy: All Clients must cancel their appointments at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to their scheduled appointment. Cancellations made less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled class (regardless of the method of cancellation), will be considered a “late cancel” or “no show” and charged accordingly.  Cancellation fee for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance is 75 % of the total cost.  Clients with any type of promotional voucher who no-show or cancel less than 24 hours before their appointment shall forfeit their voucher.