A Channeled Message From Freddie Mercury

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By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

“Hi. I am here to talk about sexual freedom. There are so many of you who are trapped living identities that are not really yours. This is unnecessary. All that matters is love. It doesn’t matter who you love, or how often, or what you wear. So often people change who they feel they should be based on how they think people will react. Most often, the fear of what people will say or do is much worse than the reality. Fear is the devil, literally.

Face the fear and be straightforward. If people cannot accept you for who you are then they are not loving people and you don’t need that kind of energy in your life. This problem gets compounded when most people are living their life based on how they think others will react. This means that there is a whole generation that is doing something other than what they want even when their peers want the same thing they do but are also pretending. There are too many people pretending to be something they are not. This is ugly and dark.

Be bold, be beautiful. Show the world who you are and love truly and deeply. When more people do this, the fear in the world about sex will dissolve. Because really the fear about this has nothing to do with sex but about societal norms and control. Break free and help others, do the same. Live, love, and spread light and truth. Oh, and sing your heart out.”

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A Channeled Message From Amy Winehouse

This post is excerpted from a book featuring celebrity channeled messages that will be released sometime in 2019. So stay tuned for updates on the release!

You can watch Laura’s video channeled message of Amy Winehouse here!

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By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

Hello, I am here, still alive and kicking on the other side in my own way. I am writing a lot of music here (yes we do that over here too). I am looking for music partners right now (this could mean you!) as I need people who are incarnated with to create music in the world.

I had a hard time at the end of my life, I am still processing a lot of the grief and lessons that I was learning. Many of you are holding a lot of foreign energy in your body, especially in your hearts, I know I did. When you breathe deeply, it helps to release that old energy. Simply making sure you are breathing deeply can help you so much.

Music heals the world and many teacher and healer souls are working through music to help others and change the world. Music raises people up. That is one of the things I most wanted to do was to help people rise up. One of my biggest regrets is that because of the pain that I was in and the lessons I was learning, that I exposed people to that. I only wanted to ever bring people up.

Another of my regrets is that I leaned on drugs and alcohol when things got painful. Many of the painful feelings were leading me to important lessons and instead of learning the lessons, I numbed out and then the lessons got bigger and harder. That is what happens when you drink or do drugs to numb and forget, the problems get bigger and then you have another problem too. If you can look at whatever you are upset about and what is bringing you to drink, then that is way more powerful than numbing yourself. It is a human thing to do to numb the pain, but it's so much smarter to ask why the pain is there and then work on healing or fixing it. By facing your problems, you may feel short-term pain more intensely but then long term, you will feel better. It would be like having an infection and just taking painkiller without healing the infection. That is how many people are living their lives.

There are many of you right now who are so powerful and are afraid of your own light, power,  and voice. Because of this fear, you are numbing out and shutting down. When you are doing this you are also avoiding your soul’s calling. This leads to a soul-level depression. You might think of it like being unemployed on a soul level because you are not working on what you came here to work on as a soul. This can lead to a feeling of malaise or depression. Have you checked all the boxes and are living a “good life” and feel like you should be happy but you aren’t? A lot of times this is because you are not doing what you came here to do. Your soul came here for a purpose and when you don’t do it you are blocking your progress and the world’s. If you feel like you should be happier than you are, it is probably because you are focused in the wrong area. Maybe you are achieving not in the area that your soul would like to achieve in.

It is also so important to have fun and joy. What is life for in not to enjoy? Allow yourself play time. When we play, a lot of times, not only are we enjoying but we may have realizations that will make our lives easier and better as well.

I love you. I know that seems strange to hear that from me. I felt so much love in my life and it was really hard for me to accept it. I didn’t understand it because I didn’t feel loveable or worthy. I am sending all that love back to you. It meant so much to me to receive the love I felt from all of you. One of my biggest challenges is that I didn’t feel like I was worthy of love. As I got more famous and successful, I just couldn’t handle the amount of love that was coming to me. I am still learning and trying to understand that I am worthy and loveable. You are loveable and amazing!  If you are around people who don’t love you, who withhold from you, or tell you that you are not good enough, let those people go. Even if you don’t have new people in your life, asking your angels and spirit guides to help bring into your life who do love and appreciate you.

I am sending you love right now. You are amazing and I can’t wait to see what you do and create.

PS I am here for you. You can call on me, I am not kidding. If you are struggling with addiction, if you are trying to do music, or be creative, I can help. I am looking for partners to work with me from the other side.

Step into your power, find your voice, and know that you are amazing!

Venus Retrograde


By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

Venus goes into retrograde on October 5 for six weeks. When a planet goes retrograde, it means that it appears to move backwards in the night sky from the earth’s perspective. All planets go retrograde periodically and most people are more familiar with Mercury retrogrades as they are frequent and are thought to have a large impact on us through technology, communication, and travel. Venus is the planet that rules love, the material world, money, and passion and when this planet goes retrograde it is every 18 months for 6 weeks. During Venus retrograde, old unhealthy ideas or patterns related to love will come up for clearing and it may feel like a challenging time in love.

It’s not uncommon for past lovers to suddenly surface during a Venus retrograde or for tension to rise up with a current, even long-time lover. Even if you are not in a relationship and think you may not be affected, you may notice people acting in a less-loving way. You may find you have less tolerance for people’s behavior or that people are getting on your nerves more easily. On the positive side, Venus retrograde can be a great time for creative and artistic work. For this six weeks, your passions will likely increase so there is a fun side to this as well. If you can channel that passion in a positive direction, you can come out on top of this Venus retrograde.

It’s a good time to take stock of your love affairs, and note old patterns or situations that have served their purpose, and in some cases, certain relationships may be highlighted for releasing. The first part of this retrograde will be in Scorpio, from October 5-31, which will bring up power dynamics and sex. The second part of this Venus retrograde will be from the 31st of October to the 6th of November and will be in Libra which will deal more with issues related to committed relationships and marriage. During Venus retrograde, it’s not a time to make big, rash decisions about breakups or commitments as you may feel differently once the retrograde ends. But it is a good time to notice patterns and behaviors and work on shifting them. And if you are feeling the need to end a relationship or make a big commitment, just make sure you are not acting rashly.

Think of this as a time to clean house – romantically speaking. It’s not always fun to do but it is important and you will likely feel much better after the Venus retrograde ends.

Since Venus is also connected with money and aesthetics, it’s also not a good time for big splashy purchases or to do a big renovation or makeover. This is because what we value during a retrograde may not be what we value during non-retrograde times so we may end up regretting those choices later.

So during this Venus retrograde, enjoy the extra passion in your life, take some time to clear out old unhealthy patterns or situations that have served their course but balance your action with thought and patience. Enjoy what life has to offer and take advantage of the extra burst of passion and inspiration you may feel. Not all of the traits of retrogrades are difficult, there is plenty of room for fun, particularly with the planet Venus.

The next Venus retrograde is not until May 12 so once this one passes, you have a year and a half before this all comes up again!

In the meantime, have fun, don’t take everything too seriously and enjoy the ride and extra passion!




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A Channeled Message From Aretha Franklin


Hello, I am here and doing great!

I want all of you to know, I am at peace. It was rough at the end for me but it’s all over now and I feel peace, ease, and love and I am singing God’s praise over here. I know that sounds funny but there is so much singing going on over here, I feel right at home.

I know there are so many worried about what it’s like over here, and it is so wonderful, it’s hard to describe how wonderful it is.

I wish I had known before I passed how great it is, I think I would have let go sooner. It didn’t need to be so hard. I want to save other people pain and suffering. Do not fear death – don’t get me wrong, no need to come before it’s your time but there is nothing here to fear or worry about.

Some other things I wish knew before I came over here. Suffering or worrying about people does you no good and it certainly doesn’t help them either. In most cases, minding your own business about people’s problems is the way to go. I took on other people’s pain and stress and it literally made me sick. Since I was known by people, I even managed to take on the stress of people I didn’t know. Lordy, what a mess! If people are going through something tough, most of the times it’s because they are learning something. Then we go and think of it as bad but learning is messy sometimes, it’s just the way that it goes. You can’t even make a beautiful painting without making a mess first but the truth is, it actually takes making 1,000 not so good paintings before a masterpiece is made. But you don’t try to stop new painters from painting just because the painting is not perfect. But that is what we do with life if someone is learning at life and we think it needs to be perfect or we try to fix it for them. But we can’t and the truth is you have to mess up to learn how to do it right, that is just how it is.

I am saying this to all of you who try to help and fix everyone but also so you can forgive yourself for not being perfect all the time. What if I were to tell you that whatever you are doing and wherever you are right now is just right? Yes, I know we all have aspiration and do dream, and go after your dreams but doing that doesn’t make who you are now and what you are doing now any less right. You are an amazing child of God and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise.

Alright, I think that’s all for now. But I did want to let all of you know I am doing alright, no better than alright and not to worry about me, or anyone for that matter. Live life to the fullest, love one another, and live without regrets.

With Love,


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The Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century!


By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

This week’s full moon and lunar eclipse are the longest one in the past 100 years! But what does that mean for you? The total lunar eclipse is on July 27th around 12:30 pm to 2:15 pm Pacific time and coincides with the full moon that is also a blood moon which means it will have a reddish hue. This phenomenon was featured in the movie practical magic.

This particular eclipse will not be visible from North America but it will likely impact everyone just the same.

You are likely to be highly emotional during this eclipse time and also feel extra passionate. You may also re-evaluate how you feel about people you are close to – there are some who you may remain in contact with and others you may choose to let go.

Because we are in Mars retrograde (ending August 27) and because this eclipse is in Aquarius, conjunct by Mars, you may feel especially influenced by the planet of war and feel more frustrated or triggered than normal. And since this is longest lunar eclipse for 100 years, it's like an uber full moon on its own. We are also in Mercury in Retrograde until August 18th which impacts communication, technology, and transportation so there are a lot of interesting astrological alignments happening at the same time, to say the least!

During the full moon and for the day before and after, staying calm whenever possible and finding a healthy outlet for frustration such as a kickboxing class, going for a run, or sports where you can use the extra energy, having a good cry, or journaling may help you release in a non-destructive way.

I think of full lunar eclipses as an opportunity to spiritually clean house – the blocking of the moon allows us to release and clear out old emotions, programming, blocks or beliefs from the last six months. Its kind of like taking out the trash emotionally and spiritually – not fun but way less fun when it piles up and isn’t cleaned out.

If the emotions that are brought up are intense and difficult, remember that they will pass and that things will feel lighter and freer soon. Deep breathing, relaxing activities and doing something light-hearted can help.

Eclipses are also known for bringing up big and unexpected changes so don’t be surprised if you have a major life-change come out of left-field. If this happens then remember that it's coming up for a reason and may be a blessing in disguise.  

So while it might be a bumpy ride, emotionally speaking, lunar eclipses actually help us move forward with more freedom and less emotional baggage the rest of the time so remember that this releasing is all for the good and that you will soon feel lighter, freer and clearer. It’s a great time to set intentions to release anything that is no longer serving you, clear out and declutter. If it feels intense, remember, this too shall pass.



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A Channeled Message by Janis Joplin for Women Who Roar

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By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

Originally posted on For Women Who Roar

I am a psychic medium. Ever since I was a girl I have had spirit visitors. Sometimes  they were spirits I knew and other times, they weren’t. It wasn’t long before I had the spirits of celebrities showing up to say hi and give me messages. As I grew into adulthood, I learned to welcome their visits and the wisdom that came from the messages they shared with me. I decided to write a book to share these powerful messages with others. This channeled message from Janis Joplin will be in a forthcoming book of celebrity channeled messages from the other side. I hope you enjoy this message from Janis Joplin, if there ever was a woman who roared, I think it was her. 

Message from Laura: Janis Joplin was another incredible, powerful woman whose life was cut short. I often wonder what she would have done if she had lived longer. Even with such a brief, bright life, she is unforgettable. I was on a tour in Los Angeles once and was taken to the site where she died. I could feel her sadness there still even though she died decades ago. Thankfully she is not continuing to experience that pain and sadness now but she does want to help others avoid what she went through. 

Channeled message: Hello everyone. These are tough times right now. So many of you are in pain and struggling. These tough times will pass. It is time to treat each other lovingly. When people are hurt, that is when they may lash out which just spreads the pain. Be kind to one another. Even the perpetrators of great evil simply often do not know what they are doing. Do not stand for injustice but also do not create more hatred. Hatred breeds hatred. Stand in peace and support each other. Spread love. Stand up for what you believe and those who are suffering at the hands of others but do not turn to hatred. Also, many of you who are empathic and psychically sensitive drown out your sorrows or try to shut out your feelings through drugs and alcohol. This literally just gives you one more problem. If you are sensitive, work and releasing the energy and pain you have absorbed from others. You can do this through meditation, through taking a walk or going out in nature. You might feel the emotions as they come back up for releasing and this is ok. They are purging out of your system and purging usually doesn’t feel good. Know that whatever you are feeling will pass. Ask for my help, ask for help from the angels and channel your emotion into creativity which is healing and helpful for both you and others. Above all, don’t give up hope. You are not alone.  

Laura is a Celebrity Psychic who has been featured by Buzzfeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, the CW, Motherboard by Vice Magazine, The Jet Set television show, and many others. She is currently in production for a television show about her work and has two other development deals in place. She is also the author of six books on the psychic realm and hosts and produces a popular podcast, Healing Powers Podcast, on health and spirituality. Laura Powers is a clairvoyant, psychic medium, writer, actress, producer, writer, and speaker who helps other receive guidance and communicate with loved ones.  


The Summer Solstice


By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

The Summer Solstice

The summer solstice happens in June in the northern hemisphere and marks the longest day of the year. It also marks the first day of summer. In some places, the summer solstice is thought of as mid-summer. It marks a time to celebrate the fullness of life and ignite your passion.

Traditional Celebrations

This is a day which celebrates new beginnings and the feminine principle. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that weddings are often celebrated on or around the solstice. Many other celebrations also celebrate the sun during the summer solstice.

Traditional celebrations include bonfires, feasting, singing, and dancing either freely or around a maypole.

How to Celebrate Today

There are many who celebrate in the traditional ways around the world but if you cannot find something locally, you can create your own celebration. Here are some ideas to honor and enjoy this significant day:

·       Gather with friends and family for a meal

·       Light a fire or bonfire

·       Set intentions for the season or year

·       Enjoy the sun’s rays and count your blessings

·       Do a releasing ceremony to release anything you no longer want in your life

·       Dance on your own or with others

·       Enjoy nature during the day or evening.

There is no wrong way to celebrate since this day celebrates the feminine, your intuition, often associated with the feminine aspect will be stronger. It is a great time to tune in using your intuition as well.

Whatever you do, this is a day associated with magic and celebrations. So take a  moment or a day to really appreciate all that life has to offer!


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A Channeled Message from Anthony Bourdain


By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

Hello everyone,

I know a lot of you are in shock. Honestly, I am too. I had a hard time keeping my emotions in check sometimes and it got the better of me. But I want you to know that I am doing great, better than great actually. I will miss all of you and the adventures and misadventures I had but things are really great over here on the other side, better than I imagined they ever could be actually. So don’t get sad on my behalf because I am great. But I do want to continue to share the message I was sharing when I was alive. Seize the day, live life, don’t settle and experience all that life has to offer. Also don’t get caught up in the illusion that there are those with power and those without, you are so powerful too. I created an incredible life and so can you. For me, there were high-highs and low-lows but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If things aren’t turning out how you want them to, remember you can always start again and recreate yourself. In a way, life is all about trying things until we get it right so to speak. So if you feel down, do something fun, surround yourself with passionate people and do something that frightens you even a little bit.

So many of you are waiting for someone else to give you permission or opportunity. Make it happen. The person who gives you permission is you, in many ways, no one else matters. Once you decide to do to something, the universe will find a way if you have enough faith and drive. Life is short so live the life you want, not the life you are taught you can have. You can live a big life or a small life. There is no right or wrong way to do it but many of you want a big life and are settling a small one because you think you can’t have a big one. Let that shit go and dream and live the biggest life you can imagine for yourself.

I also want to thank all of you, I felt the love from each and every one of you. I was a flawed person and you accepted me for who I was and I thank you for that.

When you think of me, think of my love and my passion. I am still going to be working on things from the other side so don’t forget about me but don’t write me off yet. I am not finished with my work. That is one thing I have learned, even when it appears to be the end of this life, it's not really, we just start a new chapter.

Alveterzane for now.

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A Channeled Message From Marilyn Monroe


By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

Hello everyone, I know a lot of people in this book have been sharing positive messages and I do want to be positive but also share that it’s alright to be sad. We have labeled emotions like sadness as bad when really its just our soul processing something. I had a lot of sadness in my life. I experienced a lot of disappointment. There was a lot of joy too but I realized during my life how unacceptable people found it to be sad or dissatisfied, especially if you are a woman. People just wanted you to smile, look pretty, and make them feel good. I became very good at that but inside I felt hollow. What is the point in making other people feel good if you don’t feel good yourself? I want everyone reading this to make sure they are taking care of themselves first. It is good to take care of others, but not if it’s at the expense of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t have true love to give others anyway. I gave, and gave, and gave until I was starving myself. I guess I always thought that if I gave to others, they would give back to me but it didn’t always turn out that way. If you are giving to people, make sure they are giving back. I had a lot of takers in my life but I was taught when I was young that I wasn’t worth much so I didn’t think to ask for more. Ask for more. You can have it. I am not talking about money, power, and material things, but about love, and positive energy. You can have all of it really but if you don’t have love, what does it matter anyway? True love starts with yourself. If you are loving to yourself, everything else will come to you anyway.

If you are struggling, it probably means that you aren’t loving yourself enough in some way. I know this can be hard to do when society tells you, you aren’t worth it but you are. I am sending you love and I want you to know you are valuable and worthwhile. Anyone who doesn’t show you that they care about you, doesn’t deserve you. By the way, words are pretty meaningless in this area. It is so easy to say I love you but it’s showing you that they love you that is the most important thing. If someone says they love you but they don’t act like they do, believe their actions. Too often, I got caught up in hollow words and was left empty-handed in the love department. But that’s okay, I learned a lot. When you are sad, it usually means you are learning something but it’s not for nothing. It also means that you will do better next time. And there is always a next time. Sending love to you and just another reminder to take care of yourself. You deserve it. Hugs

Non-Toxic Makeup Lines

By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.


Recently, I started to develop a stronger awareness of my sensitivity to chemicals in makeup. This led me to investigate the ingredients in makeup and learn more about ingredients and which lines were truly non-toxic. I have learned that there are a lot of makeup lines which claim to be non-toxic but really aren’t that great when you analyze the ingredients. You might find my blog post on 5 Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics helpful.

I also learned that there is a large variation in ingredients even within a particular skin care line – one product can be fairly non-toxic while another in the same brand will rate far higher on the toxicity scale which means we as consumers really need to do our research and not make any assumptions about the toxicity level of ingredients in products. Luckily there are some great tools to help you do that so it’s not overwhelming!

Resources to Determine Toxicity

Here are a few resources to help you determine the safety and toxicity level of body and skin care products including cosmetics. Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database, Think Dirty App, and my favorite, the Cosmetic DNA website.

The EWG’s Skin Deep Database is very helpful in this regard. Products are given a rating with 10 being most toxic and 0 being non-toxic. It also analyzes the ingredients which can be very beneficial to learn which ingredients are safe and which are not (and why not). The downside of this website is that not all products are listed or rated. If they are not rated, you can look up each individual ingredient but since most ingredient lists are long, this can be quite tedious. For products that are rated however, this website is extremely helpful.

Think Dirty is an app that operates similarly to the Skin Deep site. It provides a rating and analysis of the ingredients and gives a rating. One nice feature of this app is the ability to scan product barcodes. If they are in the database, the barcode will rate them and pull up the product listing. As with the Skin Deep Database, not all products are listed. I find that most products are in one or the other if they are a national brand.

The Cosmetic DNA website is great for products that are not listed on the Think Dirty app or the Skin Deep Database. The Cosmetic DNA website allows you to cut and paste an ingredients list, and the website will analyze the ingredients and rate them in terms of toxicity, acne causation, and whether they are a skin irritant.

This infographic on Pinterest also shares some helpful explanation of different terms that relate to makeup ingredients and what they mean.

Now that you have some tools to do research on products and ingredients, here are some brands that I have found with low toxicity cosmetics. I want to stress again that each product has different ingredients and therefore different toxicity ratings so even though these brands have a low toxicity compared to mainstream cosmetic brands, I do recommend researching different products within the brand to determine that product’s ingredients and overall toxicity.

Lower Toxicity Makeup Line

100% Pure
Known for| Using Natural Versus Synthetic Ingredients, Organic Ingredients
Notes | Uses Natural Fragrances and No Fillers
Website| www.100percentpure.com
EWG score 1 to 6

Afterglow Cosmetics
Known for| Cruelty-Free Cosmetics, Vegan, Certified Gluten Free, and Certified Organic Ingredients
Notes | The help offset their CO2 emissions through a partnership with the Conservation Fund’s Business Partnerships Program.  
Website| afterglowcosmetics.com
EWG score 1

Alima Pure
Known for| No Synthetic Dyes, Refillable Compacts, and 100 % Carbon Neutral
Notes | Certified B Corporation for corporate responsibility
Website| www.alimapure.com   
EWG score unavailable

Known for| Cruelty-Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan
Notes | This brand has large-scale, national distribution so easy to find at many natural grocery stores.
Website| https://gabrielcosmeticsinc.com/
EWG score 1-5

Jane Iredale
Known for Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup
Notes | This makeup is very high quality but on the higher side price-wise
Website: www.janeiredale.com   
EWG score 1-2

Juice Beauty
Known for| Organic and Clinical Validation
Notes | This makeup is very high quality but on the higher side price-wise but worth it in my opinion
Website| www.juicebeauty.com
EWG score 1 – 2

Mineral Fusion
Known for| Cruelty-Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan
Notes | This brand has large-scale, national distribution so easy to find at many natural grocery stores.
Website| www.mineralfusion.com
EWG score 1- 6

Known for | Vegan and Cruelty-Free
Notes | Offer a package recycling program via mail
Website| www.pacificabeauty.com
EWG score 1 to 4

Real Purity
Known for| Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free
Notes | Most Products are Vegan and Gluten Free, Family Owned and Operated
Website| www.realpurity.com
No EWG score available

RMS Beauty
Known for| Raw, Food Grade, and Organic Ingredients  
Notes | Uses only non-GMO ingredients
Website| www.rmsbeauty.com
No EWG score available

Vapour Organic Beauty
Known for| Organic Ingredients, Cruelty-Free, Fragrance-Free
Notes | Products are not Water-Based to Reduce Bacteria Growth
Website| vapourbeauty.com
No EWG Score Available


100% Pure
Alima Pure
Cosmetic DNA
Environmental Working Group
Gabriel Cosmetics
Jane Iredale
Juice Beauty
Mineral Fusion
Pinterest: Natural and Organic Beauty Products, Your Guide to Reading the Label
Real Purity
RMS Beauty
The Good Trade: 10 Natural Makeup Brands
Think Dirty

Vapour Beauty


Magnesium Benefits

By Esteban Tovar: Energy Healer and creator of the Evolved Healing website

Magnesium has helped me in ways that I did not expect it too. I only started taking magnesium after I read that it could help me in releasing muscle tension. I had muscle tension on the upper side of my back and it started to get more and more painful after about 3 years. I figured it would help in getting rid of the pain and it did (along with yoga). But I did not expect magnesium to get rid of the mild anxiety that I had. I didn't even know that I had mild anxiety! I just assumed that I was more sensitive to my surroundings. Getting rid of that veil of anxiety allowed me to be more confident around others, more social and more at peace, which feels great! So I wanted to write a post about it and see why that is and why a lot of people are deficient in magnesium in the first place.

Our bodies store a lot of magnesium

 Magnesium is the second most abundant mineral in the human body (potassium being the first). Our bodies hold up approximately 21-28 grams of magnesium. 99% of magnesium is located in our bones, muscle, and soft tissues, while the remaining 1% is found in other places like red blood cells. In the human body, magnesium is necessary for the function of over 300 enzymes. This includes reactions that generate ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), a type of molecule that is used to power the human body. ATP is also used for muscle contraction and muscle relaxation (magnesium also directly affects muscle relaxation). Magnesium also contributes to the vascular tone of blood vessels, cardiac rhythm, and bone formation.

 Magnesium deficiency is recorded in the hospital settings

Hospitalized patients often have a magnesium deficiency and can vary from 9% to 65% of the patients. It is also particularly higher in intensive care units. Even more interesting, is that It's considered a critical medication in emergency situations. Magnesium deficiency in the clinical setting has shown that it can result in neuromuscular problems like muscle weakness and muscle cramps. It can also result in problems like depression. Magnesium has also been linked to heart attacks, tumors, high blood pressure and psychiatric disorders. Even more interesting, magnesium deficiency is linked to anxiety. It's often known as the relaxation mineral. Dr. Mark Hyman mentions that anything that is tight, irritable or stiff is a sign of magnesium deficiency. This makes sense for me. In my experience, it wasn't until I consciously started getting magnesium into my body that I realized how tight and stressed I actually was. 


         magnesium deficiency is linked to anxiety

How to Increase Magnesium

As the consumption of processed food increases so does the magnesium deficiency in our western society. It seems that about 50 percent of Americans are magnesium deficient which greatly affects their health. Some researchers suggest that we should consume about 200-450 mg of magnesium but I think that we should be shooting for no less than 500mg of magnesium per day. This can be increased if you are under stress or if you exercise a lot since both use up magnesium.

There are a few ways to get magnesium into your body. Eating foods like spinach, avocados, almonds, and bananas are probably the best way to get magnesium into your body since you are also getting other nutrients. Another method that I like to use is magnesium oil (it's actually water-based but just feels oily) and just put it on my skin. It's pretty interesting sometimes because if you have muscle tension or a cramp you can put it on it and actually feel the muscle relax. It's not very expensive and can last 3-4 months. The magnesium oil that I like to use is Ultra Pure from Mag Essentials. 

The pill form of magnesium is a bit tougher to research in my experience. I would say that most companies don't make high-quality magnesium that is easily absorbable, which is a waste of money and time since you won't get any magnesium and may have other unwanted chemicals in them. I would suggest doing your research and buying from companies that specify that they don't have other harmful chemicals, fillers, metals and that their product is absorbable by the body. Either way, choose what is best for you!



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5 Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics

By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.


Recently I have started to learn the importance of checking out ingredients in cosmetics for toxins. Sadly, the cosmetics industry in the United States is one of the least regulated industries. So, if you are buying products thinking they are safe for your body, you may be assuming incorrectly. I have noticed sensitivities to certain additives that I have determined through a process of elimination and decided to share my findings with you.

Since many cosmetic products have a long list of ingredients, it can be tough to research each ingredient and learn about it. Luckily there are some great resources for learning more about the safety of various products and services. One popular website is the Environmental Working Group’s, Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. There are also several handy apps that allow you to research products and ingredients including Healthy Living by the Environmental Working Group, Think Dirty, Good Guide, and Detox Me.  I have found that not all products are in each app so sometimes I end up looking one product up in multiple places before I find the information I need.

Just a note to say that there are plenty of other toxic ingredients and these are just a few that I have found it best to avoid. On the Think Dirty app, for example, I have found that products above a 0-2 safety rating tend to give me a reaction so that my eyes water. I have also noticed that not all products by the same company are similar in terms of toxicity rating. For example, one brand may have a product that has a 7 rating on the toxicity scale while others have a 0-2 rating. So, I have learned not to assume that all products by a brand name are created equally. A lot of companies have started “greenwashing” their products, by describing them as green, or eco and body-friendly, even when they really aren’t. Doing research and empowering yourself as a consumer is really the best way to ensure you are using clean products. Another great benefit of buying and using non-toxic products is that it encourages the companies that make them to manufacture more of them. This is good for consumer choice and the environment because what is toxic for us is usually destructive for the planet as a whole as well.

An additional reason I decided to write this post is that cosmetics are primarily applied to the head and face on the skin which is highly absorbent and very near the brain. Since the brain is made mostly of fat and a lot of toxins are stored in fat, keeping toxins away from the brain is of paramount importance for overall health.  Personally, I want to keep products off of my skin that are toxic and keep my brain as toxin-free as possible.


Many consider talc a safe ingredient though there are conflicting reports of its safety. Some talc is contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen (cancer causer). While most believe that asbestos-free talc is fairly safe, there have been issues with the reliability of data on the confirmation that the talc used is in fact, free of asbestos. Recently there was a scandal involving makeup sold by Claire’s boutiques that was lab tested and found to contain asbestos, despite claims that the talc contained was asbestos free. You can read more about that in this article. There are also numerous studies linking talc to ovarian cancer, lung cancer, lung disease, respiratory problems for infants and children. You can read more about those studies and findings here. I have found that when I use eye-shadows or powders with talc in them that my eyes water and are irritated. Since many of the cosmetic products that contain talc are in a powder form, this is concerning since inhaling talc has been shown to cause lung cancer and lung disease. Talc is incredibly prevalent in cosmetic products and even brands that tout themselves as green and non-toxic still use talc.


I believe that the use of Aluminum in our cosmetics will be viewed by future generations comparable to the use of lead in cosmetics to us now. Aluminum is a common ingredient in foundation, face-powders, eye-shadows, blushers/bronzers, deodorant, and dry-shampoos. This is an ingredient that is controversial in terms of toxicity with some believing it to be safe while others believe it to be highly toxic. It is incredibly prevalent not only in cosmetics but in food and household goods. When a large amount of aluminum is present in the body, symptoms can include confusion, bone pain and deformities or weakness, seizures, speech problems, muscle weakness, and slow growth in children. When aluminum toxicity becomes systemic and long-term, it can lead to the following diseases: cancer, bone disease, reproductive problems, brain disorders, nervous system dysfunction, reproductive issues, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease. I would be particularly cautious about using aluminum in any cosmetic form in which a large quantity is put on the skin or inhaled. Many popular dry shampoos include large amounts of aluminum starch. This is bad on two fronts as you can inhale the aluminum so that it goes into the lungs and then it can settle on the skin where it can be absorbed into the body. Since there are alternatives to aluminum, you can find plenty of products that do the job without the aluminum in them.

Mineral Oil/Petrolatum/Petroleum Jelly

Mineral oil is a relatively inexpensive oil and can be found in lotions and many products including surprisingly eye-shadows and face powders or various kinds. Mineral oil is problematic for a few reasons and one of the main reasons is it can be contaminated with metals and other toxins which are known to cause cancer. Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product. This product is also known as comedogenic which means it clogs and enlarges pores, which can lead to breakouts. Additionally, there are no benefits to mineral oil and there are plenty of other oils which have similar properties that are not toxic and don’t clog pores. Mineral oil can also be called mineral paraffin or paraffin oil.  


Fragrance can include many different chemicals and in order to protect trade secrets, manufacturers are not required to list what it is in fragrances. This means that the term fragrance can include many different substances including synthetic petrochemicals. So, the term fragrance could include dozens of secret ingredients that are not listed in the ingredients. According to this Huffington Post Article, 95% of  synthetic fragrances are made from petrochemicals. Many of these ingredients are known to cause cancer, allergies, birth defects, and problems with the nervous system.  Basically this is bad news! This seemingly innocent label of fragrance can hide a whole host of toxic ingredients.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is an additive in many powdered cosmetics as well as supplements. While many sites state that magnesium stearate is safe, I have found that my body reacts to it very poorly. To look further into magnesium stearate, lets look at what exactly it is. It is a synthetically created additive made from stearic acid with added magnesium ions. Synthetic ingredients are often not recognized by the body and can cause cumulative health issues when ingested or used topically. If you want to read more about Magnesium Stearate, you can read this article which has extensive information on what it is and how its made. This particular additive makes my eyes water profusely and once I learned how unnatural it was, I was not surprised. Like aluminum, there are other ingredients that will fill the bill and it seems that one of the main reasons this ingredient is because it is cheap. While natural cosmetics are sometimes (and not always) more expensive, when you factor health concerns, are they really a better value?

I know it can feel overwhelming to avoid these ingredients, but it is possible to find great products with these ingredients. I’ll be working on a blog post of non-toxic cosmetics and would love to hear your favorites!



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Signs You May Have Parasites and What to do About it

By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.


I recently interviewed a parasite expert, Dr. Todd, on my podcast and honestly was just curious about parasites. After listening to him however and doing a bit of research, I came to believe that I had parasites. And here is the truth, if you are alive, you probably have parasites. If you are American, it is estimated that you have a 50% chance of having parasites. That said, having less is better, and some are worse than others. That led me on the journey of a parasite cleanse and it has been a wild ride! Having parasites is obviously creepy but it doesn’t have to be scary. I decided to write this post to share some basics about parasites. How to know if you have them and what to do about it if you think you do.

Symptoms of Parasites

The symptoms of parasites are quite broad and very depending on the parasite but here are a few of them:

·       Allergies

·       Anxiety and/or depression

·       Brain fog

·       Breakouts

·       Constipation or diarrhea

·       Eczema

·       Floaters or spots in eyes

·       Food sensitivities

·       Getting sick all the time

·       Good cravings

·       Grinding teeth

·       Headaches

·       Indigestion

·       Inflammation

·       Insomnia

·       Itchy skin

·       Joint pain

·       Skin crawling feeling

·       Sugar addiction

·       Thinning hair

·       Weak hair/brittle nails

Over the long term, having parasites can cause pretty severe problems like: arthritis, infertility, cancer, MS, nutrition deficiencies immune problems, leaky gut syndrome, kidney stones, chronic fatigue syndrome, and skin problems like Crohn’s disease, and chemical sensitivities among others.

One of the reasons that serious problems can occur when you have long-term parasite infection is that the immune system and body as a whole is under constant stress and strain, causing other problems to develop.

Why do I have Parasites?

Parasites show up for a variety of reasons. You are likely to have parasites if you have heavy metal toxicity, eat a lot of processed foods, travel to countries with less food safety, eat or have ever eaten pork (pork is highly likely to have parasites), or swim  or have swum in natural bodies of water. If you are heavy metal toxic, and many people are, parasites will often show up as some parasites feed on and use heavy metals in their biofilm. If you’d like to learn more about heavy metals and how to heal from them you may find the Heavy Metal Summit helpful.

To sum up likelihood of parasites increases if you:

·       Have toxic metals in your system

·       Have travelled a lot internationally to places with low food safety standards

·       Have swum in natural bodies of water that are unchlorinated

·       Eat pork

·       Eat raw meats or seafood

·       Have been on antibiotics

·       Eat a lot of sugar and processed foods

·       Struggle with candida

How to Clear Parasites

In order to clear parasites, it is important to deal with the body holistically. Reducing or eliminating sugar, grains, dairy, and inflammatory foods is important. It is also important to reduce stress and make sure you are getting a lot of sleep so that your body is strong and your immune system has the strength to fight off the parasites. Anti-parasite supplements can help as well.  I have been taking three supplements designed to kill parasites, kill the eggs, and absorb toxins released by the parasites. It is important to kill the parasites as well as the eggs or they will keep coming back. As the parasites die-off, they release toxins and metals so it is important to address the toxins or you will start to feel very sick. You may also feel anxiety or depression as you go through the parasite cleans as your body clears itself of toxins and parasites. For me, the first week was the worst and it has gotten progressively easier as I have gotten farther along in the process.

If you’d like to try the anti-parasite supplements I have been taking, you can go to: https://tinyurl.com/clearparasites. If you take these supplements, then you will want to take Formula 1 which will kill the eggs (features cloves and other powerful anti-parasitics), Mimosa Pudica, which kills the parasites themselves, and the Active Carbon Plus which acts as a binder and helps absorb the toxins that parasites release when they die off. I also recommend taking activated charcoal overnight to absorb extra toxins.

Doing an anti-parasite protocal is intense but the benefits are worth it! I already am feeling more peace of mind and less fatigue after being on the supplements for just a few weeks. Another great and unexpected benefit is that my skin is clearer and my cuticles are softer (really!).

Best of luck on your healing journey!


Supplements to clear parasites:





Dr. Axe

Kitchen Stewardship

Paleo Hacks

Wellness Mama

Channeled Message From Robin Williams

By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast

I am working on a book of channeled messages from the other side. I got to share one of them with you here. The book Celebrity Channeled Messages From the Other Side will be out later this year. Here is a message from Robin Williams, I hope you find it helpful. 

Robin Williams

Robin_Williams_B  & W.jpg

"Hi everyone. I am here and I am good. I am actually better than good, I am great. I wanted to talk to you about depression. So many of you struggle with this. Most of you who do are actually very psychic and you are picking up on stuff from others around you. Almost all of the time, if you are feeling sad or depressed, you have picked it up from someone or something else. I was being affected all the time but didn’t know it. Then I tried to self-medicate with drugs. Many people choose alcohol. I understand this, sometimes it is the best we can do. I want you to know that there is a better way though. Learn about this stuff, take care of yourself, and let go of toxic people and situations. Sometimes it’s the very things we think we want that are the most poisonous for us so pay attention to how you feel, not how good something is supposed to be. If you struggle with drugs or alcohol, that is not really the problem. You are trying to feel better. But if you understand why you aren’t feeling good, it will all go so much better for you. I want you to know that I love you all and I want nothing but laughter, and love, and life for you all. Go after your dreams, pay attention to how you feel and don’t give up. If you don’t feel good, don’t try to shove it down or drown it out, try to find out why. Drinking or doing drugs is like putting a band aid on an infected wound. You have to take care of it. Find out what is causing the infection. I am here for you. Ask me for help. I am here and you are not alone. Also know that you are not bad or wrong for feeling depressed. So many struggle with it. Talk about it, learn about it. Get help and pray for help too. Prayer really is the most powerful help you can get. Oh yeah, and watch a comedy, nothing breaks up pain like laughter. Why do you think I was a comedian? I was trying to stop the pain. I understand so much better about all of it now which is why I am trying to share with you. Laugh but dig deep and find out why you are so sad. Face it, know it. When we don’t face it, it consumes us. Ok enough serious stuff, back to the party over here. Until next time. I’ll be back."

Partial Solar Eclipse, New Moon, and Chinese Year of the Dog


This coming New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse lands right after Valentine’s Day this year! This particular eclipse falls in Aquarius and aligns with the planet Mercury so themes of love, partnership, and wellness/health will be featured. It is a great time to focus on changes you want to make and plant seeds for the future, particularly in areas related to love, partnership, and health. This eclipse is also bringing up similar themes that came up from the last round of eclipses in August and September time so thinking back on the themes that were coming up for you then can bring clarity on themes for review right now.

The new moon and eclipse happens on the eclipse on February 15 at 2 pm Mountain Time.

February is an interesting month astrologically as there is no full moon! The last time this happened was in 1999! This happens about 4 times a century. When this happens, both January and March have two full moons so the 3 month stretch between January and March is especially powerful with eclipses the unusual full moon schedule. This is a great time for manifesting and releasing that which does not serve so that you can bring in what you truly want.

This new moon is also starting the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Dog. The year of the Dog will likely feel more stable and reliable than the year of the Fire Rooster we are leaving. Rooster years often come with social unrest and big surprises.

Here are a few things you can do to shift maximize the impact of this powerful astrology:

·       Set ideas and intentions for what you want to do and create.

·       Meditate to get clarity on your direction and focus.

·       Reflect on what is working in your life and what is not.

·       Journal, create a vision board, or visualize your desires for greater impact.

·       Light a white candle and ask the angels to help support and bless your desires.

·       Stay positive and optimistic during this powerful astrological time.


How to Bring in More Love During This New Moon:

·       Treat yourself to a massage, bath, meditation, or other relaxing “me” time.

·       Visualize and feel the energy of love coming in and send it out to others you care about as well.

·       Spend time with people you love and care about.

·       Watch a movie or listen to music which create loving, joyful, and positive feelings for you.

·       Think about qualities you want in a relationship or partner and set intentions for this to manifest in your life.

Taking time to focus on your desires and plant seeds can have a huge impact on what manifests for you this year. Do take some time, even if it is only a few minutes to take advantage of this super-charged energy. I also recommend asking your angels, and any spirit guides you connect with for support, in making any beneficial changes and nurturing your desired manifestations. Then listen to spirit and watch the magic happen!


The Super Blue Blood Moon and What It Means for You?



This super moon, which also happens to be a blue moon (2nd full moon in the month) and a blood moon (it’s on a lunar eclipse) is so rare that the last one with all of these factors occurred in 1866. So this is for most, a once-in a lifetime opportunity to experience and witness this phenomenon.

The full moons as a whole are usually associated with powerful energetic and emotional release that may feel exhausting and triggering or exhilarating depending on the specifics of that particular full moon, how it hits your chart, and what you have going on in your life at that time. With the extra power of the blue moon and blood moon for this particular full-moon, it is sure to be super-charged. This means that you will likely feel the full moon more than usual. Because this is a lunar eclipse, and eclipses often trigger big changes and shifts in our lives. In fact, right after eclipse, we may have big, unexpected changes or perspective shifts. Areas of our life that are out of alignment will be pointed out and we may course-correct. It can be intense, but it can also be an incredible time of growth and expansion.

This full moon is in Leo which represents being fierce, proud, and taking charge. So there will be more dynamic and extroverted and showy energy for this full moon than others. Step into your power and your vision for what you want in your life. That said, don’t be surprised if it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and you powerfully release and try to step forward at the same time.

This full moon eclipse is visible over the United States and wherever an eclipse is visible, it’s impact is believed to be stronger.  While this full moon will affect those on the entire planet, those in the United States who can witness the eclipse first-hand will likely feel its impact the most and those in the western states will have the best view of all.

The eclipse will begin at 5:51 Eastern Time and will set before the end of the eclipse will be visible. In Mountain Time, the peak of the eclipse will be around 6:30 am. Even if you are asleep during the eclipse, you will still feel the impact of the eclipse and experience the results in your life throughout the day. Do not be surprised if you feel extra sensitive, frustrated, joyful, and excited, all in the same day.

It is a great time to set intentions for what you want to bring in and release as your intentions will be super-charged with this extra-powerful full moon. During a lunar eclipse, the sun appears to go through the entire monthly cycle from full moon to new moon to full moon again in less than a couple of hours. Think of it as an entire month of energy going into a very short period of time. This is a special, magical, once in a life-time type of energy so use it well and remember how special it is to be alive right now.

Peace and happy manifesting (and releasing) to you all on this super powerful blue, super, blood moon!



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Cadmium Toxicity and How to Heal It

Guest post by Wendy Myers



Click here to listen to the recent podcast interview with Wendy on Healing Powers Podcast!

Cadmium is a heavy metal that is incredibly toxic to the human body and ever-present in our environment. It targets many systems of the body and can cause a multitude of different symptoms. Cadmium toxicity almost always goes undetected by most traditional physicians.

Cadmium toxicity occurs when high levels of the element are accumulated in the body, whether it’s through the ingestion of food or drink, inhalation or direct exposure. Cadmium is involved in all of the major diseases of our time, including cancer, diabetes, arthritic syndromes, heart disease, kidney disease, depression, adrenal burnout, and others. The Environmental Protection Agency has classified Cadmium as a known carcinogen due to the dangerous effects it can have on human health (5).

You can also learn more about how cadmium and how other heavy metals impact health on the heavy metals summit or on a Healing Powers Podcast.

Sources of Cadmium

Cadmium is an incredibly toxic metal and is ever-present in our environment primarily due to industrial dumping. Cadmium is a metal that also occurs naturally in the environment. It accumulates in the body through food and water, but also through the air we breathe and the environment in which we live.

Cadmium can be found in such things as (1, 6, 8, 9):

·  Air pollution (from the incineration of rubber tires, plastic and paints)   ·  Artist’s paints   ·  Auto exhaust 

·   Batteries and corroded batteries in dumps   ·  Burning coal   ·  Candy    ·  Ceramics   ·   Coffee

·  Cigarettes and cigarette smoke (tobacco and marijuana)   ·  Congenital intoxication   ·  Contaminated drinking water

·  Copper alloys   ·  Dental alloys   ·  Dental materials like crowns   ·  Electroplating    ·  Fertilizers   ·  Fungicide

·  Food grown on cadmium contaminated soil (sewage sludge, chemical fertilizers, and contaminated irrigation water)

·  Galvanized pipes    · Hydrogenated oils    ·  Incineration of tires, rubbers, and plastics    ·  Instant coffee

·  Iron roofs   ·  Large ocean fish – tuna, cod, haddock    · Marijuana   ·  Metal coatings    ·  Motor oil    ·  Pigments

·  Occupational exposure  (through things such as the manufacturing of batteries, semiconductors, dental materials)

·  Plastics    ·  Plated containers   ·  Processed and refined foods    · Refined grains, flours, cereals    · Rubbe

·  Rubber carpet backing   ·  Seafood (cod, haddock, oysters, tuna)    ·  Sewage   ·  Sellfish     ·  Silver polish

·  Smelters   · Soft water   ·  Solder (including in food cans)    ·  Tap water    ·  Vapor lamps    · Welding material

·  Water (city, softened, well)

Mineral deficiency plays a role in contributing to cadmium toxicity. When one is nutritionally deficient in calcium, iron, protein, and/or zinc, cadmium is absorbed by the body to fill these “nutritional gaps.” (6)  Cadmium replaces the deficient nutrients to keep the body running.  Over time, as more and more cadmium is accumulated, toxicity symptoms will begin to present.

Toxic elements, like cadmium, replace nutrient minerals in enzyme binding sites. When this occurs, the metals inhibit, over-stimulate, or otherwise alter thousands of enzymes. An affected enzyme may operate at 5% of normal activity. This may contribute to many health conditions. Toxic metals may also simply deposit in many sites, causing local irritation and other toxic effects (7).

Toxic metals may also replace other substances in other tissue structures. The replacement weakens these tissues, such as the arteries, joints, bones, and muscles. Cadmium replaces zinc in vital enzyme binding sites. When there is a deficiency of zinc, the body is forced to use cadmium for repair. This can include the arteries, skin and other areas of the body where zinc is used for repair.

As you can see, the symptoms of cadmium toxicity are in direct correlation to a lack of the healthy minerals they replace (iron, calcium, and zinc).  This is why mineral balancing is so important!

Symptoms of Cadmium Toxicity

Cadmium poisoning has a vast variety of symptoms. It can affect a multitude of systems in the human body.  Toxicity of this element is known to show its presence in the Nervous, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Endocrine, Respiratory, Excretory, and both the male and female Reproductive Systems. (1) It even affects our energy levels and the chemical makeup of our brain.

Cadmium is a powerful stimulant to the adrenal glands. It irritates and boosts adrenal activity, although it does this in the unhealthy way that stimulants do, not a healthful manner. In fact, many need their cigarettes and coffee, and even marijuana, to give them their daily boost to their adrenal glands. Cadmium is one of many stimulants in these substances.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson believes that Cadmium hardens and toughens the tissues, and ages the body.  He says that it is associated with hardening of the arteries, hardening and destruction of the kidneys, and of all the organs, in fact.  This hardening can actually feel good, as though one is getting stronger and tougher, which is true, but it does so in a manner that actually weakens the entire body and opens it up to more cancers, and particularly heart disease. (7)

Some of the symptoms associated with cadmium toxicity include (1, 5, 6, 7):

·  Abdominal pain    ·  Aches   ·  Ages the skin   · Alcoholism   · Alopecia   · Anemia   ·  Arteriosclerosis

·  Arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid)    · Bone disease   ·  Bone pain in middle of bone(s)   · Cardiovascular disease

·  Cavities and tooth deformities   ·  Cerebral hemorrhage   ·  Cirrhosis   ·  Cramps  · Depression     · Diabete

·  Diarrhea   ·  Digestive disturbances    · Enlarged heart     · Fragile bones   · Growth impairment    ·  Headaches

·  Flu-like symptoms such as chills, muscle weakness, and aches (again, when breathing in cadmium polluted air

·  High cholesterol  · High blood pressure   · Hyperkinetic behavior   · Hyperlipidemia   · Hypertension

·  Hypoglycemia    ·  Impaired bone healing    · Impotence   ·    Inflammation   · Infertility    · Joint pain

·  Kidney disease (cadmium is very toxic to the kidneys)    · Learning disorders    · Liver damage   · Lung disease

·  Low energy    · Low sperm count      ·  Lung disease  · Memory loss/brain fog    ·  Migraines    · Muscle weakness

 ·  Nausea   ·  Nerve cell damage   ·  Prostate dysfunction     ·  Reduced fertility/reproductive disorder

·  Shortness of breath    ·  Smoker’s cough     ·  Schizophrenia   · Strokes    · Vomiting

·  Swelling of the nose, pharynx, and larynx (when chronically inhaling cadmium)

Health Conditions Caused by Cadmium

Cadmium Toxicity affects multiple parts of the body. This is why it can be almost impossible to diagnose cadmium toxicity and is frequently overlooked by traditional medical practitioners. Cadmium affects the following systems in the following ways (1,7):

·       Cancer: Cadmium is a very toxic metal and usually associated with the development of cancers.

·       Nervous System: Cadmium inhibits release of acetylcholine and activates cholinesterase. This results in a tendency for hyperactivity of the nervous system. Cadmium also directly damages nerve cells.

·       Energy: Cadmium causes strong inhibition of essential enzymes in the Krebs energy cycle.

·       Bones and Joints: Cadmium alters calcium and phosphorus metabolism, thus contributing to arthritis, osteoporosis and neuromuscular diseases. The findings of one study, conducted by the Division of Laboratory Medicine, Department of Toxicology, at the Medical University of Silesia, showed that cadmium has both a direct and indirect toxic effect on bones (3).

·       Cardiovascular System: Cadmium replaces zinc in the arteries, contributing to brittle, inflexible arteries.

·       Digestive System: Cadmium interferes with production of digestive enzymes that require zinc.

·       Reproductive System: In men, low sperm counts, prostate problems and impotence can result from cadmium-induced zinc deficiency. In women, cadmium can cause reduced fertility.

·       Endocrine System: Zinc is required for growth and insulin release. Cadmium can contribute to failure to thrive, delayed growth development, and diabetes.

·       Excretory System: Cadmium accumulates in the kidneys, resulting in high blood pressure and kidney disease.

·       Dental: Alterations in calcium and vitamin D activity, caused by cadmium toxicity, can result in cavities and tooth deformities.

·       Psychological: Cadmium toxicity is associated with learning disorders and hyperactivity. This may be due to zinc deficiency, or to inhibition of acetylcholine release in the brain.

·       Reproductive Health: Birth defects often are related to cadmium, when it replaces zinc and other metals in vital genetic functions and in the DNA and RNA of the body.  This causes defective genetic expression, which is not the same as defective genes. (7)

Some of the many adverse health conditions caused by cadmium include (1, 2, 5, 6):

·  Alopecia (hair loss)   ·  Adrenal fatigue   ·  Anemia   ·  Atherosclerosis    ·  Arteriosclerosis    ·  Arthritis, osteo

·  Arthritis, rheumatoid    ·  Aging    ·  Birth defects    ·  Bone repair, inhibited    ·  Cancer, pancreatic and others

·  Cardiovascular disease    ·  Cerebral hemorrhage     ·  Cirrhosis of the Liver    ·  Decreased fertility    · Diabetes

·  Elevated cholesterol     ·  Emphysema     ·  Enlarged heart    ·  Failure to thrive syndrome     · Hyperactivity in children

·  Hyperlipidemia (high levels of fat in blood)    · Hypertension    ·  Hypoglycemia    ·  Lung damage    ·  Inflammation

·  Kidney damage   · Migraines    · Osteoporosis     · Prostate function lowered     ·  Schizophrenia    · Strokes

· Testosterone levels (change in)    ·  Reduced sex drive    ·  Vascular disease

How to Detox Cadmium

An antagonist is an element that can help to push or detox cadmium out of the body. The following are antagonists of cadmium (1, 7):

·  Calcium   · Zinc   · Copper   ·  Vitamin D    ·  Vitamin C     · Iron    · Manganese   ·  Protein

You can identify the presence of this toxic mineral in your body with a hair mineral analysis and detox it with a Myers Detox Protocol program. I detoxed quite a bit of cadmium on this program and am very happy it’s out of my body!

You can also learn more about how cadmium and how other heavy metals impact health on the heavy metals summit or on a Healing Powers Podcast.


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New Year, how you can make it great!

Guest Blog Post by Mary Silver




2018 will be a time of new beginnings!  Literally, we stepped into 2018 with a Full Super Moon on January 1 or 2nd, depending on where you were located.  This is the 2nd consecutive Full Super Moon's and it won't be the last!  There will be another Full Super Moon on January 31st!  That means we will have experienced 3 consecutive Full Super Moons stringing together the final moments of 2017 and the very beginning of 2018.  This is a message from above asking you to SEE your greatness.  Look at your desires and see how you can bring them forward into the light.  Your dreams are illuminated now, big time!  This is the time to implement any plans that bring your dreams into reality!

The numerology of 2018 gives even more insights.  2018 is an 11 Universal year.  That number reduces to a 2.  The Universal energy of 2018 will be fused with the double ones of the 11 and blend them with the 2 energy to form a beautiful partnership.  January is a 12/3 Universal month.  This energy is one of intuition, connection while standing on your own two feet, joy, and deep spiritual truths.  It is forward moving energy with the 1, 2, 3 code being represented.  If you have had any uncertainty over the past year, you will get the clarity you seek in 2018!  Your insights and intuition will be spot on all through out 2018.

To break it all down into bite size steps so you can make 2018 your best year yet:

1.  Take note of your greatness - write down 5 of your greatest accomplishments and give yourself praise and gratitude for completing them.

2.  Pay attention to your insights and intuition - get a journal and write down anything thoughts you get and feel into which ones light up your passion.  Then keep a list of those so you can develop a plan around how to work with these in 2018.

3.  Trust that you are here to co-create a beautiful partnership while standing in your own light and power - take note of business partnerships you may desire and look at your romantic partnerships.  Are they what you want them to be?  If not, get clear on what you do want them to look like and work towards that, as partnerships is a major theme for 2018.

4.  Feel into any blocks or stuck emotions - get in touch with your feelings and release any unwanted emotions through self-care and exercise.  Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions so you can release them once and for all!

5.  Focus on what you want - focus on your dreams, your desires, act in positive and loving ways, infuse joy and happiness into your plan, structure your days in order to support your dreams so that they manifest in physical form, quickly!

6.  Stay grounded and work from a schedule - get a calendar and schedule out your plan of action.  This is not a year to fly by the seat of your pants.  Write out your goals, make a step by step plan, and take action each day!  

This is the year for you to create all you desire in your career, your love life, and your overall prosperity! 

Wishing you an amazing 2018!

A Message from Barachiel - Angel of Blessings & Abundance


Archangel Barachiel


Name meaning: Blessings of God

Channeled message:

Expect good things and miracles to happen. If you need help with faith and hope, I am there. I know sometimes the heaviness of life wears on you and I am here to help. Often we are clearing out old unhealthy patterns and feel really miserable. If we can keep moving forward, the miracle will occur. Do not give up right before the miracle happens! If you need faith and need a miracle in your life, call on me. Watch out for roses or rose-petals as I send them to people to let them know I am helping them. Think of the beauty and wondrousness of the rose. The rose is beautiful, smells wonderful, and continues the cycle of creation. I chose the rose as my symbol because life can be beautiful and effective. Allow me to help beautify your life. You are beautiful and blessed, dear one; do not allow anyone to ever let you believe otherwise.

 Stories about the angel: It was not until I was writing this book that I learned that Archangel Barachiel is associated with lightning. I started writing and a storm quickly came through with a lot of thunder and lightning. I think it was just Barachiel saying hello. This makes sense as storms often serve to clear and flush out old energy and bring in fresh energy. I believe in this case it was Barachiel saying hello!

Specialties and depictions: Blessings, miracles, family, married life, children, prosperity and abundance

Associations: Roses, a single white rose, rose petals, overflowing bread basket, unexpected gifts, the scent of roses, laughter and humor, lightning, lucky charms, the color green

Invocation: Archangel Barachiel, please help me experience and believe in the blessings and miracles that are headed my way!

Other comments: Barachiel oversees all the guardian angels so you can work with him to connect more with your own personal guardian angel. Some say that he is an archangel and some say that he is a Seraphim.


Don't Give Up - The Importance of Perseverance

Don’t Give Up                                              


The message I am getting over, and over again, is the importance of persevering in your dreams or goals. When we see people, who have reached massive success, it is tempting to think that it just came easily to them when in fact, just the opposite is often the case. Walt Disney declared bankruptcy before achieving massive success and world-wide recognition. He’s not he only uber successful man to declare bankruptcy before achieving success and financial freedom. Milton Hershey (of Hershey chocolates, H. J Heinz (ketchup anyone?) and Henry Ford, all declared bankruptcy and struggled for a long time before achieving success.

Of course, there are many different kinds of struggles that successful people have overcome. I was listening to the Tony Robbins podcast and he was interviewing one of the founders of Airbnb about their struggles getting the company off-the-ground. At one point, the company founders talked with 10 different Silicon Valley investors who all said no. Thankfully they didn’t let that stop them from continuing to move forward – btw they are now a $30 billion company. It’s totally possible to get rejected by experts and have them be wrong. 

Other examples include J.K Rowling’s infamous rejection by multiple publishers for her Harry Potter transcript – don’t you bet those publishers are regretting that choice! Thankfully for her and for us, she persevered and did eventually get that book deal and the rest is history. She is now worth a $1 billion herself and her famous book series become a movie series, and there is even a theme-park based on the books.

There are so many of these kinds of examples so whatever you are hoping to achieve – success often comes after it seems elusive so don’t give up! If you want something, and you work at it long enough, it can be yours.

If you hit a wall and feel like you want to give up, here are some tips to help you move through the frustration and continue to move towards your vision for a better life:

·        Baby Steps: take small action steps, even 15 minutes a day on task for something you want can make a huge difference.

·        Break: If you are feeling burnt out, do something fun that you enjoy. We all need a mental break sometime.

·        Inspire: Do something that inspires you and surround yourself by inspiring people. They will rub off on you!

·        Body: Get moving literally! When we feel stuck, physical movement can help the energy flow and release endorphins so our outlook on just about everything improves.

·        Brainstorm: Think about some possible solutions to any obstacles in your way or things you can do to move forward.

·        Envision: Visualize yourself having the life and success you desire. Don’t just see it, but feel what it will be like when you achieve this.

One day, if you try one of these things and it doesn’t help, try another. This also keeps you from focusing on the problem – feeling stuck, and keeps your energy focused on what you want.

Stay positive and strong and keep moving forward. As long as you don’t give up hope, your dreams can come true! I realize this all sound rather hokey so hopefully I don’t sound too much like Jiminy Cricket. But I will say it again, your dreams really can come true!