The Light

The Light
I am starting this new blog titled The Light and the Dark and thought an appropriate way to start it was to talk about the light, and what is, and the principles of the light. In the world there are two opposing forces, the light and the dark. The light is about love, light, joy, health passion, flow, ease, health, cooperation, and abundance. There are many more words I could use to describe the light but I am sure you get the idea. In very simple terms, the light is nice and this is important. Someone who is nice, operates very differently than someone who is not nice. A nice person cares how you feel. A nice person cares what you want and dark person doesn’t. This means that in order to participate fully in your life, the light needs an invitation. Think about it, would a nice person just waltz into your house and make themselves at home? Of course not! A nice person will wait to be asked and they won’t assume they can come again tomorrow, they will wait again. The light is like that. If you want light energy into your life, you have to invite it in and you have to do it regularly.

Your Garden
Another way to look at this is to think about a garden. Imagine you have been given a garden, imagine now that you have been given a plot of land and it hasn’t been maintained. How does the garden look? More likely than not, the garden would likely be filled with weeds or at the very least with plants that are not the plants that you want in there. In order to get a lovely garden or fruits and vegetables, you need to do some cultivation. You have to remove the weeds and plant flowers and then regularly water and weed to get the type of growth you want in your garden. The same principles apply to the spiritual world. The dark just shows up automatically but the light requires thought effort and at least a little work. Since light energy is so lovely to have in your life, asking the light in is in my opinion very worth the effort. Who doesn’t want a lovely garden?

Most people have heard of angels but a lot of people think of them as being religious beings since they are described in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. I like to think of angels as beings of light that are here to help us. Essentially, that is what they are here to do, to support and assist us. If you work with the light, you are working in situations that are a win/win. This means that there is benefit to both sides. If you are working with angels, there will be benefits to you, to them, and to those that you work with! Love and wonderful things spread from their work. This is why I so recommend invitation the angels into your life and working with them regularly. Their influence has a wonderful ripple effect that will go out into the world and return back to you in wonderful, and incredible ways.

How to Plant the Flowers
You may be wondering, how do I plant the flowers in my garden? The truth is that it is very easy, all you have to do is ask the angels and beings of light in to assist you. You can think the invitation (the spiritual world is telepathic) or you can say or write it out. There is no right or wrong way to do this so long as you communicate your intent. You can ask for general help or specific help. Bear in mind that bigger requests take time though.

Pay Attention to Signs
Once you have asked for assistance, start paying to the world around you and through your own thoughts. It is through these avenues that the angels will start to give you messages. These messages are to comfort you as well as to give you guidance that will help you make changes to help answer your prayers. The angels communicate through overheard conversations, through numbers, through animals, through billboards and things you read and yes through your thoughts and feelings. Once we know this, we can start to pay attention and make even more positive changes.

One of the important light principles is that of faith. Once you have asked the angels for help, have faith that it is going to happen. Remember that doubt is based in fear and is really the opposite of love. If you are filled with doubt and fear, it will block the light. Imagine a cloud of ink obscuring the light in water. When the light is blocked by the dark, it become hard to navigate and see and hear the messages of love that the angels are giving us.
Learning about the light and inviting the light in are of extreme importance to make positive changes. 

It is also very important to learn how the dark operates so you can steer clear of it. The dark is sneaky!  I will write more about the principles of the dark in my next post.