Be Your Own Knight in Shining Armor

Be Your Own Knight in Shining Armor

One theme that is coming up a lot is the importance of not believing that we need others to save us. The angels are all about helping each other and cooperation however we are all empowered with the tools we need to make changes and essentially save ourselves. It is disempowering to believe that we need someone else to save us. It is important to recognize our own vulnerability and learn from mistakes however we alone are the ones that can decide and then shift our lives. In essence we rescue ourselves through our own choices. The direct opposite is true as well. You cannot save anyone who does not want to be saved. You can try as hard as you can to pull someone out of a hole of negativity and victim mind-set but if they do not want to release it, they won’t and all that will happen is that you get pulled into the hole yourself.

Being a Victim and Being a Rescuer –Two Sides of the Same Coin

As strange as it sounds, both victim and rescuer mind-sets suffer from the same malady. Neither perspective honors the importance of the power of the individual to make changes in their lives. Those in victim status have given their power away and think they need others to do things for them while those who want to rescue mistakenly believe that others do not have their own power. Neither is healthy. The truth is that every single person alive has the power to transform and change their circumstances. If they don’t it is because they don’t believe that they do and either believing that we need others to save us, or believing we need to save others is equally damaging. To wait for someone else to rescue us puts not enough focus on ourselves and so too does trying to save someone else.

Take Responsibility for Yourself and Allow Others to Do the Same

When we are in a pattern or rescuing others all the time, we take away their power to help themselves. We also can keep those people stuck in a pattern where they are not given the opportunity to learn to do things on their own. Have you ever met adults who never learned to cook or do laundry because their parents always did it for them? These adults are stunted and though their parents were trying to help, they were really doing them a disservice. The same is true for being rescued all the time. If we allow others to get caught up in the belief that they have more power than others.

Balanced Giving and Receiving

The best situation is to have balanced giving and receiving. All of us will have times in our lives when we help others and when we receive help from others. This is good! The problem is when we systematically are doing one or the other. As with many things, it is about doing something within reason. If you find yourself on either side of this equation too much, remember to focus on your part. The more we focus on shifting ourselves and what we can do to shift a problem, the better place the world will be.