The Dark

The Dark
I wrote in my last post about how the light works so it seemed that talking about some basic dark principles would be helpful as well. By understanding the principles of each, you can better navigate through life and make better life choices.

One major difference about the light in the dark is the concept of the win/win versus the win/lose. Think of a traditional deal with the devil or a demon and in order to get what you want, you must always sacrifice something you really ideally would not want to lose like your soul, or your life. Sign on the dotted line to receive wealth, fame fortune, and the girl (or boy) and in exchange you relinquish your soul and die after ten years. Contrast that with the light principles which state that there doesn’t have to be a loser. Not only is there not a winning side but you don’t have to sacrifice something you want for something else you don’t want. When you work with the light, it is possible to achieve goals and help others in the process. As you do well you can help others more, plus you get to keep your soul – major bonus!

Illusion and Deception
The light is about illumination and the truth. The dark is about deception and illusion. As things are illuminated, whatever is being hidden is revealed. Whenever you are dealing with an individual that is deceptive or a situation where there is a lot of illusion, it is likely that there is a lot of darkness there. To hide or deceive is not light. Healing and releasing happens when we see the deception that is there and move forward. The dark wants you to be in the dark and not know what is really going on. In life there is much illusion and as we spiritually evolve, we learn to see past the illusion to the truth even in the darkness.

Just as the light creates, the dark destroys. Notice I did not say good and evil. Sometimes in order to create, we need to have some destruction (an old building is torn down to make way for the new for example). That said, widespread destruction is not usually helpful. Often times, we are guided to release rather than destroy in order to make way for the new. It is possible for us to release with being destructive. For example, when a relationship has run its course, you may simply choose to let the relationship go rather than destroy it. Ask the angels for help clearing and releasing in a helpful way and creating the new.

Punishment Versus Healing and Understanding
The dark principles are punishment and suffering like the concept of “an eye for an eye” versus healing and understanding. There is a big difference between demanding that someone is punished for their actions rather than helping them understand why that action is not good. I prefer restorative justice which helps the perpetrators of crimes understand the damage they did. It is much more effective than simply punishing. When you punish without helping someone understand why it’s a bad idea to do that action, no healing happens. The energy of punishment is about spreading suffering rather than learning and healing. Do you prefer to spread the energy of love through healing or pain and suffering?

Of course this is all a simplification. In life there are many gray areas however hopefully these help you think about things in a different way. There are other light and dark principles but this is a great start. I’ll be talking about other principles in later articles.