Working Through Energy Shifts and Transitions with More Ease


We are going through a big time of energy shifts and transitions right now. So I wrote this article to share tips on how to shift more easily and assist in the process. 

Don’t Resist Change
One of the biggest blocks I see to positive change with clients is resistance to change. When our energy shifts, moving forward (change) is inevitable and is a direct result of the shifting however some people dig in their heels. A good visual example of this is a donkey digging its heels in. If you are resisting, it can help to ask yourself if you are resisting. If the answer is fear of change, or fear of success (they are often tied to together) it is likely you are in resistance. Ask the angels to help you release any fear of change and allow you to move forward. Even if there are things happening that you don’t like. There may be a beneficial reason that you are not aware of for the change. Often times the things that we resist benefit us the most. Getting at the root of why we are in resistance can often be extremely enlightening and helpful. For example, I had a lot of resistance when I started out in my psychic work. When I examined my resistance, it was rooted in fear of being judged or persecuted. Avoiding anything that led to this fear would also have held me back on my path, my purpose, and success. This fear was also based on a false premise (as many fears are) that with visibility would come persecution and pain. Therefore, it was important for me to face and move through this resistance or it would have blocked the good things I wanted in life. Anytime we allow unhealthy fear to have a hold over us, it negatively impacts our success and the good things we can have in life. As they say in Star Trek, “Resistance is futile,” and I have truly found it to be so!

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate the difference between something that you are resistance to that is good for us and something that is just generally bad. I find meditating or simply having some quiet time to ponder it can help. Thing about what it is that you are resisting and why. Once you can get at the root of the reason for the resistance, you can determine your own truth and figure out how to move forward in the healthiest way. 

Time to Rest and Transform
Give yourself time and space to rest and transform as it takes a lot of energy. When I was thinking about this recently as I have been going through big energy shifts, the angels reminded me about how it works with butterflies. When a caterpillar goes into the chrysalis and is transforming into a butterfly, it is not doing anything else besides this transformation. This transformation takes a ton of energy, and the caterpillar is doing nothing but transforming. So often when I am going through big energy shifts, I have pushed myself because I feel I need to be productive or “do stuff”.  If you think about caterpillar activities versus butterfly activities, so little of what a caterpillar does has any relevance to butterfly. Sometimes that very stuff we feel compelled to do will have little benefit to us once we have shifted energetically. Allow plenty of shifting, you may need way more than you think you need. Think about butterflies when they are going through their biggest transformation, they go into a chrysalis and don’t do anything except focus on transforming themselves. When they are done the transformation is incredible and breathtaking. Remember many of you are going through this type of transition yourselves and transforming takes a lot of energy and of course time.

Say No More Often
We are taught from when we are very young to stay busy and to focus on doing rather than being. One of the most important things we can do to help ourselves shift is to do less, and only say yes to things that we really want or love to do. Say yes to if it feels light and fun to do so. If you feel stressed, heavy, or tired when you think about doing something, it may be beneficial to say no. Remember, you do not need to do things all the time. In fact, when we have quiet time and are less busy, we can more easily hear messages from our angels and spirit guides. 

Release What No Longer Suit You
Allow yourself to release what no longer suits you or brings you joy. As our energy shifts, what we used to love and what we love now may be profoundly different. This can mean that you end of releasing a lot of situations, relationships, or belongings at once. While you head may say, “hold on, this is too much,” remember my first point, resistance is futile. If we can go with these changes and release what we feel like we need to release, it is often to make way for what is just perfect for us now. Do not try to make yourself like, or fit into, situations that no longer work well for you. When releasing belongings, a professional organizer helped me use these parameters to help determine what to keep and it was life-changing: only hold onto things if you love them or would by them now in their current condition. By purging what we no longer love and releasing what is not ideal for us now, we can make room for what is.  
Happy shifting everyone!

PS Taking the time and energy to shift now will reap big rewards later.