Channeled Message from Archangel Cassiel

It is easy to get caught up in the stress and strain of day to day life. Remember to stop and smell the roses. Even when life feels hard or difficult, there is so much beauty all around. Appreciate yourself, your body, and your friends. The more you are in gratitude, the more wonderful things and energies are attracted to you. It is natural sometimes to feel sorrow or sadness. When this happens, allow yourself to feel this way. Do not label these feelings as bad or negative. Allow yourself to feel them and heal as they pass through you. Remember too that this moment shall pass. Whatever you are going through, it can change dramatically. Do not get trapped into feeling like just because you are struggling in the moment that you will continue to be in struggle. Allow me and the other angels to help lift you up. So many of you struggle on your own as if the burdens of the world are yours alone. Feeling the stress and the strain of the world does not make the world feel better. Allow yourself to feel light amidst the chaos and darkness, that is helpful. Also, remember that when you are overwhelmed by events beyond your control, you can ask the angels to intervene. The more of you that ask us for help, the more the world can transform!