Channeled Message from Wayne Dyer

Hello, I am so pleased to talk with you all today. First of all, I want you all to know that I am doing great. I am excited to be here on the other side and excited that I can talk with you all this way. It was time for me to leave the earthly plane but that does not mean that my work is done. To the contrary actually because I feel my work is just beginning. I am going to be talking through channels like Laura and continuing to work as a mentor and guide to many of you who are doing the same kind of work that I did. In a way, the work that I did was just the beginning. I am so honored and happy to have helped prepare the way for so many of you and I want to encourage you who are reading and listening to this to work on your soul missions. There is really nothing more important.

There is a great need for knowledge and those who can teach it to others! If you feel the call to do this, know that it is not an accident. Do not get caught in the ego trap of believing that you are not capable or worthy. You are both! You can call on me if you feel you need support (or your other guides). 

You are living in an exciting time. Many old systems are going to be crashing down right now and it might seem traumatic but its for the good. There is a lot of corruption in the system just as there was in Rome and many other great cities where power and greed corrupted the leadership. When these old systems fall, know that it is so that better systems can come into place. If things are challenging or you are fearful, know that everything will turn out alright in the end. Do not get caught up in fear or inaction. Each of you has the power to change the world. The time is now, do not hesitate. Get to work! It might mean reading a book on a topic that will help you teach and learn, to take a class, to start speaking with your friends about spirituality, energy, or healing. Follow what feels right for you but take action and know that you are supported in doing so.

I'll be here helping you from the other side and so will your angels and spirit guides. I'll be talking with you soon and giving you guidance and support. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, intuition, and messages from the universe. Ha ha now get to work! And thanks for all your work, it is appreciated and will be rewarded.


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