A Message from Barachiel - Angel of Blessings & Abundance


Archangel Barachiel


Name meaning: Blessings of God

Channeled message:

Expect good things and miracles to happen. If you need help with faith and hope, I am there. I know sometimes the heaviness of life wears on you and I am here to help. Often we are clearing out old unhealthy patterns and feel really miserable. If we can keep moving forward, the miracle will occur. Do not give up right before the miracle happens! If you need faith and need a miracle in your life, call on me. Watch out for roses or rose-petals as I send them to people to let them know I am helping them. Think of the beauty and wondrousness of the rose. The rose is beautiful, smells wonderful, and continues the cycle of creation. I chose the rose as my symbol because life can be beautiful and effective. Allow me to help beautify your life. You are beautiful and blessed, dear one; do not allow anyone to ever let you believe otherwise.

 Stories about the angel: It was not until I was writing this book that I learned that Archangel Barachiel is associated with lightning. I started writing and a storm quickly came through with a lot of thunder and lightning. I think it was just Barachiel saying hello. This makes sense as storms often serve to clear and flush out old energy and bring in fresh energy. I believe in this case it was Barachiel saying hello!

Specialties and depictions: Blessings, miracles, family, married life, children, prosperity and abundance

Associations: Roses, a single white rose, rose petals, overflowing bread basket, unexpected gifts, the scent of roses, laughter and humor, lightning, lucky charms, the color green

Invocation: Archangel Barachiel, please help me experience and believe in the blessings and miracles that are headed my way!

Other comments: Barachiel oversees all the guardian angels so you can work with him to connect more with your own personal guardian angel. Some say that he is an archangel and some say that he is a Seraphim.