Summer Eclipses and What They Mean for You

This coming full solar eclipse is getting a lot of buzz! It’s the biggest solar eclipse that North America has seen since 1918! Eclipses bring change, and often times unexpected turnarounds. Astrologically, the eclipses come to help us clear out things that are holding us back.

Coming Eclipses

There is a partial lunar eclipse is coming on August 7/8 around noon Mountain time that will be viewable from Europe and Asia. Then on August 21 is the big event at 12:30 pm Mountain Time.  The eclipse will be most visible around Portland, Oregon which has inspired a lot of people to go there to see the eclipse. But don’t worry, you don’t have to see the eclipse for it to impact you and you will likely be able to at least one of the eclipses from your location if you want to make memories of this historic event.

What Happens During an Eclipse

During a lunar eclipse, the earth is between the moon and the sun which means the moon is not getting the light from the sun. Think of a lunar eclipse as like an uber full moon! Lunar eclipses are always on full moons and they usually indicate endings of some kind in our life.

During a solar eclipse on the other hand, the moon blocks the sun from the earth’s perspective. Astrologically speaking, it’s like an uber new moon because solar eclipses always happen on new moons.

What it means for you

Eclipses often show up as the wild cards to shake up areas in our lives that need shaking up! They often bring about unexpected events and sometimes make us do a 180-degree turn. Though this can be challenging, it is always for our highest good and in order bring us something better and shift us into new levels of consciousness.

By knowing which house the eclipse falls in your chart you can get a better sense of how you will be impacted. Whether or not you look into this in advance, just be aware that the eclipses will bring change, likely quite rapidly. Rather than fight it, think of riding the wave of change and it will go a lot more smoothly. Just like the tide, the change cannot be stopped, only dealt with.

So, hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride!


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