Mercury Retrogrades


Dates: Retrograde 8-12-17, Forward Motion 9-5, Out of Retrograde Shadow 9-18-17, Next Retrograde 12-22-17

When a planet goes on retrograde, it means the influences from that planet are reduced. When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to move backwards in the sky, from the earth’s perspective. Some planets go retrograde more often and for shorter periods of time whereas some planets go into retrograde infrequently. Knowing what each planet represents and when it is retrograde can help prevent frustration and have more peace of mind in dealing with the issues that are brought to the surface during that retrograde.

This past month there have been several planets in retrograde. On the one hand, it may have felt especially challenging and triggering, on the other hand, this means that it was a great time to see what was working and what wasn’t and make modifications.

Mercury rules communication, transportation, and technology and deals with anything related to expression. When mercury is in retrograde, it seems to us that there are problems or delays with technology, communication, travel and in general, trying to move forward on plans. It is not a great time to make big commitments, launch new programs or projects, and sign contracts as things may not be as they seem to be during the retrograde period. It may also not be the best time to travel or if you do, give yourself extra time to get to and from places and do not be surprised if there are travel delays or necessary changes made to travel plans. Even going to and from appointments may seem like more of an ordeal during mercury in retrograde periods with traffic jams, construction delays, or other problems. It is a great time to slow down, not to overcommit yourself and wrap up or tidy loose ends with old projects. I personally like to go through my closet and belongings and clear out anything that isn’t bringing me joy or I am not using anymore. Most of the frustration during mercury in retrograde periods happens when we fight the tide so to speak, trying to go out when the tide is coming in, etc.

So now that you are reading this, we are out of the shadow period for Mercury and the next one isn’t until December 22 of this year. I recommend putting it on your calendar now so you can plan to slow down, not overcommit and wrap up old things during the next retrograde cycle.



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