The Super Blue Blood Moon and What It Means for You?



This super moon, which also happens to be a blue moon (2nd full moon in the month) and a blood moon (it’s on a lunar eclipse) is so rare that the last one with all of these factors occurred in 1866. So this is for most, a once-in a lifetime opportunity to experience and witness this phenomenon.

The full moons as a whole are usually associated with powerful energetic and emotional release that may feel exhausting and triggering or exhilarating depending on the specifics of that particular full moon, how it hits your chart, and what you have going on in your life at that time. With the extra power of the blue moon and blood moon for this particular full-moon, it is sure to be super-charged. This means that you will likely feel the full moon more than usual. Because this is a lunar eclipse, and eclipses often trigger big changes and shifts in our lives. In fact, right after eclipse, we may have big, unexpected changes or perspective shifts. Areas of our life that are out of alignment will be pointed out and we may course-correct. It can be intense, but it can also be an incredible time of growth and expansion.

This full moon is in Leo which represents being fierce, proud, and taking charge. So there will be more dynamic and extroverted and showy energy for this full moon than others. Step into your power and your vision for what you want in your life. That said, don’t be surprised if it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and you powerfully release and try to step forward at the same time.

This full moon eclipse is visible over the United States and wherever an eclipse is visible, it’s impact is believed to be stronger.  While this full moon will affect those on the entire planet, those in the United States who can witness the eclipse first-hand will likely feel its impact the most and those in the western states will have the best view of all.

The eclipse will begin at 5:51 Eastern Time and will set before the end of the eclipse will be visible. In Mountain Time, the peak of the eclipse will be around 6:30 am. Even if you are asleep during the eclipse, you will still feel the impact of the eclipse and experience the results in your life throughout the day. Do not be surprised if you feel extra sensitive, frustrated, joyful, and excited, all in the same day.

It is a great time to set intentions for what you want to bring in and release as your intentions will be super-charged with this extra-powerful full moon. During a lunar eclipse, the sun appears to go through the entire monthly cycle from full moon to new moon to full moon again in less than a couple of hours. Think of it as an entire month of energy going into a very short period of time. This is a special, magical, once in a life-time type of energy so use it well and remember how special it is to be alive right now.

Peace and happy manifesting (and releasing) to you all on this super powerful blue, super, blood moon!



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