Venus Retrograde


By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

Venus goes into retrograde on October 5 for six weeks. When a planet goes retrograde, it means that it appears to move backwards in the night sky from the earth’s perspective. All planets go retrograde periodically and most people are more familiar with Mercury retrogrades as they are frequent and are thought to have a large impact on us through technology, communication, and travel. Venus is the planet that rules love, the material world, money, and passion and when this planet goes retrograde it is every 18 months for 6 weeks. During Venus retrograde, old unhealthy ideas or patterns related to love will come up for clearing and it may feel like a challenging time in love.

It’s not uncommon for past lovers to suddenly surface during a Venus retrograde or for tension to rise up with a current, even long-time lover. Even if you are not in a relationship and think you may not be affected, you may notice people acting in a less-loving way. You may find you have less tolerance for people’s behavior or that people are getting on your nerves more easily. On the positive side, Venus retrograde can be a great time for creative and artistic work. For this six weeks, your passions will likely increase so there is a fun side to this as well. If you can channel that passion in a positive direction, you can come out on top of this Venus retrograde.

It’s a good time to take stock of your love affairs, and note old patterns or situations that have served their purpose, and in some cases, certain relationships may be highlighted for releasing. The first part of this retrograde will be in Scorpio, from October 5-31, which will bring up power dynamics and sex. The second part of this Venus retrograde will be from the 31st of October to the 6th of November and will be in Libra which will deal more with issues related to committed relationships and marriage. During Venus retrograde, it’s not a time to make big, rash decisions about breakups or commitments as you may feel differently once the retrograde ends. But it is a good time to notice patterns and behaviors and work on shifting them. And if you are feeling the need to end a relationship or make a big commitment, just make sure you are not acting rashly.

Think of this as a time to clean house – romantically speaking. It’s not always fun to do but it is important and you will likely feel much better after the Venus retrograde ends.

Since Venus is also connected with money and aesthetics, it’s also not a good time for big splashy purchases or to do a big renovation or makeover. This is because what we value during a retrograde may not be what we value during non-retrograde times so we may end up regretting those choices later.

So during this Venus retrograde, enjoy the extra passion in your life, take some time to clear out old unhealthy patterns or situations that have served their course but balance your action with thought and patience. Enjoy what life has to offer and take advantage of the extra burst of passion and inspiration you may feel. Not all of the traits of retrogrades are difficult, there is plenty of room for fun, particularly with the planet Venus.

The next Venus retrograde is not until May 12 so once this one passes, you have a year and a half before this all comes up again!

In the meantime, have fun, don’t take everything too seriously and enjoy the ride and extra passion!



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