Signs You May Have Parasites and What to do About it

By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.


I recently interviewed a parasite expert, Dr. Todd, on my podcast and honestly was just curious about parasites. After listening to him however and doing a bit of research, I came to believe that I had parasites. And here is the truth, if you are alive, you probably have parasites. If you are American, it is estimated that you have a 50% chance of having parasites. That said, having less is better, and some are worse than others. That led me on the journey of a parasite cleanse and it has been a wild ride! Having parasites is obviously creepy but it doesn’t have to be scary. I decided to write this post to share some basics about parasites. How to know if you have them and what to do about it if you think you do.

Symptoms of Parasites

The symptoms of parasites are quite broad and very depending on the parasite but here are a few of them:

·       Allergies

·       Anxiety and/or depression

·       Brain fog

·       Breakouts

·       Constipation or diarrhea

·       Eczema

·       Floaters or spots in eyes

·       Food sensitivities

·       Getting sick all the time

·       Good cravings

·       Grinding teeth

·       Headaches

·       Indigestion

·       Inflammation

·       Insomnia

·       Itchy skin

·       Joint pain

·       Skin crawling feeling

·       Sugar addiction

·       Thinning hair

·       Weak hair/brittle nails

Over the long term, having parasites can cause pretty severe problems like: arthritis, infertility, cancer, MS, nutrition deficiencies immune problems, leaky gut syndrome, kidney stones, chronic fatigue syndrome, and skin problems like Crohn’s disease, and chemical sensitivities among others.

One of the reasons that serious problems can occur when you have long-term parasite infection is that the immune system and body as a whole is under constant stress and strain, causing other problems to develop.

Why do I have Parasites?

Parasites show up for a variety of reasons. You are likely to have parasites if you have heavy metal toxicity, eat a lot of processed foods, travel to countries with less food safety, eat or have ever eaten pork (pork is highly likely to have parasites), or swim  or have swum in natural bodies of water. If you are heavy metal toxic, and many people are, parasites will often show up as some parasites feed on and use heavy metals in their biofilm. If you’d like to learn more about heavy metals and how to heal from them you may find the Heavy Metal Summit helpful.

To sum up likelihood of parasites increases if you:

·       Have toxic metals in your system

·       Have travelled a lot internationally to places with low food safety standards

·       Have swum in natural bodies of water that are unchlorinated

·       Eat pork

·       Eat raw meats or seafood

·       Have been on antibiotics

·       Eat a lot of sugar and processed foods

·       Struggle with candida

How to Clear Parasites

In order to clear parasites, it is important to deal with the body holistically. Reducing or eliminating sugar, grains, dairy, and inflammatory foods is important. It is also important to reduce stress and make sure you are getting a lot of sleep so that your body is strong and your immune system has the strength to fight off the parasites. Anti-parasite supplements can help as well.  I have been taking three supplements designed to kill parasites, kill the eggs, and absorb toxins released by the parasites. It is important to kill the parasites as well as the eggs or they will keep coming back. As the parasites die-off, they release toxins and metals so it is important to address the toxins or you will start to feel very sick. You may also feel anxiety or depression as you go through the parasite cleans as your body clears itself of toxins and parasites. For me, the first week was the worst and it has gotten progressively easier as I have gotten farther along in the process.

If you’d like to try the anti-parasite supplements I have been taking, you can go to: If you take these supplements, then you will want to take Formula 1 which will kill the eggs (features cloves and other powerful anti-parasitics), Mimosa Pudica, which kills the parasites themselves, and the Active Carbon Plus which acts as a binder and helps absorb the toxins that parasites release when they die off. I also recommend taking activated charcoal overnight to absorb extra toxins.

Doing an anti-parasite protocal is intense but the benefits are worth it! I already am feeling more peace of mind and less fatigue after being on the supplements for just a few weeks. Another great and unexpected benefit is that my skin is clearer and my cuticles are softer (really!).

Best of luck on your healing journey!


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