The Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century!


By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

This week’s full moon and lunar eclipse are the longest one in the past 100 years! But what does that mean for you? The total lunar eclipse is on July 27th around 12:30 pm to 2:15 pm Pacific time and coincides with the full moon that is also a blood moon which means it will have a reddish hue. This phenomenon was featured in the movie practical magic.

This particular eclipse will not be visible from North America but it will likely impact everyone just the same.

You are likely to be highly emotional during this eclipse time and also feel extra passionate. You may also re-evaluate how you feel about people you are close to – there are some who you may remain in contact with and others you may choose to let go.

Because we are in Mars retrograde (ending August 27) and because this eclipse is in Aquarius, conjunct by Mars, you may feel especially influenced by the planet of war and feel more frustrated or triggered than normal. And since this is longest lunar eclipse for 100 years, it's like an uber full moon on its own. We are also in Mercury in Retrograde until August 18th which impacts communication, technology, and transportation so there are a lot of interesting astrological alignments happening at the same time, to say the least!

During the full moon and for the day before and after, staying calm whenever possible and finding a healthy outlet for frustration such as a kickboxing class, going for a run, or sports where you can use the extra energy, having a good cry, or journaling may help you release in a non-destructive way.

I think of full lunar eclipses as an opportunity to spiritually clean house – the blocking of the moon allows us to release and clear out old emotions, programming, blocks or beliefs from the last six months. Its kind of like taking out the trash emotionally and spiritually – not fun but way less fun when it piles up and isn’t cleaned out.

If the emotions that are brought up are intense and difficult, remember that they will pass and that things will feel lighter and freer soon. Deep breathing, relaxing activities and doing something light-hearted can help.

Eclipses are also known for bringing up big and unexpected changes so don’t be surprised if you have a major life-change come out of left-field. If this happens then remember that it's coming up for a reason and may be a blessing in disguise.  

So while it might be a bumpy ride, emotionally speaking, lunar eclipses actually help us move forward with more freedom and less emotional baggage the rest of the time so remember that this releasing is all for the good and that you will soon feel lighter, freer and clearer. It’s a great time to set intentions to release anything that is no longer serving you, clear out and declutter. If it feels intense, remember, this too shall pass.


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