A Channeled Message From Aretha Franklin


Hello, I am here and doing great!

I want all of you to know, I am at peace. It was rough at the end for me but it’s all over now and I feel peace, ease, and love and I am singing God’s praise over here. I know that sounds funny but there is so much singing going on over here, I feel right at home.

I know there are so many worried about what it’s like over here, and it is so wonderful, it’s hard to describe how wonderful it is.

I wish I had known before I passed how great it is, I think I would have let go sooner. It didn’t need to be so hard. I want to save other people pain and suffering. Do not fear death – don’t get me wrong, no need to come before it’s your time but there is nothing here to fear or worry about.

Some other things I wish knew before I came over here. Suffering or worrying about people does you no good and it certainly doesn’t help them either. In most cases, minding your own business about people’s problems is the way to go. I took on other people’s pain and stress and it literally made me sick. Since I was known by people, I even managed to take on the stress of people I didn’t know. Lordy, what a mess! If people are going through something tough, most of the times it’s because they are learning something. Then we go and think of it as bad but learning is messy sometimes, it’s just the way that it goes. You can’t even make a beautiful painting without making a mess first but the truth is, it actually takes making 1,000 not so good paintings before a masterpiece is made. But you don’t try to stop new painters from painting just because the painting is not perfect. But that is what we do with life if someone is learning at life and we think it needs to be perfect or we try to fix it for them. But we can’t and the truth is you have to mess up to learn how to do it right, that is just how it is.

I am saying this to all of you who try to help and fix everyone but also so you can forgive yourself for not being perfect all the time. What if I were to tell you that whatever you are doing and wherever you are right now is just right? Yes, I know we all have aspiration and do dream, and go after your dreams but doing that doesn’t make who you are now and what you are doing now any less right. You are an amazing child of God and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise.

Alright, I think that’s all for now. But I did want to let all of you know I am doing alright, no better than alright and not to worry about me, or anyone for that matter. Live life to the fullest, love one another, and live without regrets.

With Love,


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