January Eclipse Lowdown

By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast


What Eclipses Mean for Us

In short, eclipses are like uber new moons and uber full moons. They always fall in conjunction with new moons and full moons and comes in pairs or groups. We will have one set early in the year and another set in the summer or early fall every year. Eclipses bring in changes and help us shift and make big life changes, often in unexpected ways. Eclipses can act like a wild card and illuminate aspects of our life that need attention. Eclipses will often bring about rapid and unexpected though ultimately beneficial changes in our lives. All eclipses bring significant endings and significant beginnings into our lives, often in unexpected ways.

In simple terms, a solar eclipse is when the moon stands between the earth and the sun, and a lunar eclipse is when the earth blocks the light from the sun to the moon. Since the moon creates no light or her own, she will appear dark when this happens. Lunar eclipses, in particular, help us quickly release situations that are no longer aligned or serving us and solar eclipses help us launch and grow new areas and help us grow.

The grouping of eclipses is significant as well. They come in pairs or groups in signs that are across from each other on the astrological wheel and therefore will help us work on and resolve issues relating to those signs. This particular set of eclipses will impact us until the next set that starts in July. So, while a new moon or a full moon’s impacts are felt for approximately a month, eclipses impact us until the next set of eclipses in six months.

January 5-6 Partial Solar Eclipse

This is generally a positive astrological alignment in Capricorn. The energy of this new moon asks us to look at how we structure our life, our work, and how we can create a supportive structure for ourselves. How what are your dreams and what can you build to support them? Since Capricorn deals with long-term commitments, whatever we create in our lives on the new moon is far very likely to have long-term impacts. Due to a positive aspect with Neptune, it is a great time for starting new artistic endeavors and creative projects. There is also a conjunct with the star Vega which bodes well for business. Good outcomes can occur business-wise if you approach things from an ethical place.

This eclipse was visible in the east in Asia and the Pacific, and its impacts will be stronger there.

January 20, Total Lunar Eclipse

Will be visible from North and South America and part of Europe. This eclipse is in Leo and affected by the planet Uranus which means that you may feel rash and moody. You will not respond well to ultimatums or external pressures. You will likely feel unsettled, and there will be a lot of purging and releasing happening on this eclipse!  It will start at 9:42 and end at 10: 12 pm Denver (mountain time). I recommend for people to be doing something mellow and not making major decisions during the eclipse since it will be bringing up a lot of stuff. Don’t be surprised if you are very emotional or experience emotional outbursts from others. Not being reactive is advised during this time. It’s also not a good time to make major decisions around the time of the eclipse. It is a good thing to let the dust from the eclipse settle before making big decisions, moves or changes. If you experience blockages or problems (breakdowns, delays, etc.) remember it will pass.

I recommend marking your calendars for the next set of eclipses that start July 2. 2019.  Knowing they are coming in advance can help you plan activities and plans that are aligned with the activities of each eclipse.

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