Mars in Libra Transit and What it Means for You

By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast

The “warrior planet” Mars enters Libra on October 4 where it will remain there until November 19. Mars is in a Libra for about 6 weeks so it’s a good amount of time for the transit.


The planets and What They Represent

Mars is the planet of energy, combat, aggression, competition, and force. This planet is associated with action, motivation, and drive.

Libra is the sign of justice, balance, working together, and harmony. It’s a sign that cannot be alone, and it balanced and rules our 1-on-1 partnerships.

What the Transit Means?

Anger and arguments may be lessened during this transit. We may also feel overwhelmed by indecision or have a difficult time moving forward because Mars wants to act while Libra wants to move slowly to make sure it’s the best decision.

During Mars in Libra, there will be more innovation and new alliances will be created. Mars in Libra creates a motivation to find a win-win situation for all. It’s a time of strategy: a time to build bridges a time to strengthen existing ones. It’s a great time to find the support we need to accomplish our goals, and it’s an opportune time to look for jobs and start new projects. That said, during this transit, mercury in retrograde starts October 31 and goes until November 20 so during the second half of Mars in Libra, that changes this energy.

With all of this passive energy, it may be easier to ignore underlying issues. We may he feel pressure to act that everything is fine while Mars is in Libra, but the underlying energy may be showing the opposite. When big issues are highlighted or brought to your attention, take note. You may see more passive-aggressiveness than usual under this transit.

Tips for Handling the Transit

The stress levels can rise in relationships while Mars tours Libra. Act with love, intention, and fairness to ensure the right moves but make sure you are loving towards yourself and not accepting unacceptable behavior. Mars will not visit Libra again for another 2 years so it’s great time to leave toxic people and places behind; leave them and don’t look back.


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