Upcoming Eclipses and What They Mean For You

 Spiritual Meaning of An Eclipse

 By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast

In many ways, a solar eclipse is like an extra powerful new moon and a lunar eclipse is like a super powerful full moon except that is more disruptive energy in each case. Important truths are revealed and its common for things to come up seemingly out of left field that bring about major changes. 

You will be guided to step more fully into your power and authority and leave behind anything that is out of alignment. Total solar eclipses are an incredible visual spectacle and like doors or gateways that support us in entering into a higher dimension of being.⠀

In astrology, eclipses are like a portal for exponential growth. Specifically, a time of rapid change either from internal or external circumstances. 


July 2: Total Solar Eclipse

What is a total solar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse is when the moon blocks the entire view of the sun (100%) and visible to those viewing from Earth.

This July 2, 2019, the moon will block the sun and most of this eclipse will be happening over the Pacific Ocean where the partial eclipse starts at 12:55 PM EDT. The other parts of South America will be able to see the partial eclipse so people in Chile and Argentina will be able to witness the total solar eclipse before the sunset.

The solar eclipse will have a longer duration compare to last year's total solar eclipse. It will last up to 4-5 minutes. However, the maximum duration may be visible only to observers on a few boats and airplanes, since it will be happening over the Pacific Ocean.

According to NASA, the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century was recorded in July 2009 that last about 6 minutes and 39 seconds. This was mostly visible on Southeast Asia.

Set your intentions for powerful manifesting and realignment!

Tips on how to view the sun safely

Looking directly at the sun can lead to blindness and other forms of eye damage if you aren’t wearing any eye protection. You need a special eclipse glasses or special protective eyewear to safely observe the sun. The basic sunglasses, even with those UV protections are not sufficient to protect your eyes.

By using a pinhole camera, you can observe an eclipse in a safest way that you can make easily at home.

July 16: Partial Lunar Eclipse

A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the sun and the moon. The moon falls partially into Earth’s shadow leaving only a portion of it visible.

On July 16, a partial lunar eclipse will happen and people in much of Europe and Asia, as well as parts of North and South America can witness the partial lunar eclipse.  July’s partial lunar eclipse will be the last until November 2021.

This day is extremely powerful for clearing and releasing anything that is not in complete alignment for who you want to be and where you want to go. You can think of it as a powerful time to clean house emotionally and spiritually. Do not be surprised if you feel really triggered on this day.


The next total solar eclipse in the USA on April 8, 2024.


The next total solar eclipse comes in the Americas on April 8, 2024. First touches Mexico, enters the US at Texas, cuts a diagonal to Maine, and visits the provinces of Canada.

Although, it’s been a long 38 years since the last total solar eclipse in the U.S. before 2017 perhaps we should call this the Great North American Eclipse.

If you would like help and support with guidance to make the most of the eclipses, feel free to reach out to Laura for a session or guidance. More information on working with Laura is on the services page.



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