Saint Germain Channeled Message

By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast


Hello darling, you have been working so hard. Just here to let you know that so many of the things you’ve dreamed of are coming your way. I also want to tell you that the fears and doubts that come up are not yours. That when you have strong or even just persistent negative thoughts, those are not yours and can be cleared away. Imagine them like cobwebs that you can clear out of your mind and your space. It’s normal to have them but the more you clear them away, the less likely these pesky thoughts are likely to show up for you. You have gotten so much better about clearing them so now you have much less worry and it will get easier, and easier for you.

Much of your fear is based on a belief that you can’t have so much goodness in your life. This is simply not true! You have been taught this by society and family, and people who have been taught the same thing. You are starting to realize that you don’t need to be limited in this way and just because others feel this way and live their life on those principles, doesn’t mean that you have to.

Imagine these sticky cobwebs holding you and keeping you in unhealthy situations and patterns. Keep clearing them away and eventually, there will be less and less of them that leave you feeling trapped. Eventually, you will be rising up so quickly that these old cobweb-like beliefs will not be able to attach to you at all. Then your life will really change.

You have often limited your dreams and beliefs base on what others thought was possible. You don’t need to do this. What is possible for each of us is different based on our life lessons and soul missions but mostly, it is based on what we believe is possible. More is possible for you than you have dared to dream. You are starting to see what you can have and the more you have and experience, the more you have to give the world and the world has much need for what you can offer. Be as big, and shiny, and bright as you can be. And know that when people tell you not to be so big, or bold, or beautiful or whatever they are telling you, its because those cobwebs of fear on holding them in place. Do not let their fears and reality be yours.

Focus on your light and rather than helping people directly, sometimes the best way to help others is to show them how to do it. Model it for them.

You are so loved by all of us on the other side. You ask for help but not as much as you can. The more help you get, the more you receive, and the better the world gets. The more people do this, the more the light expands until there is this amazing explosion of light and creativity and so much of the darkness just melts away.

You are a superstar, and don’t you forget it. No matter how small your body is, you have the ability to light up the entire universe. Let your light shine – I know you will!

PS Sometimes when you are so bright, it hurts others to look at you who are used to seeing things in the dark. You might feel like you are being rejected when this happens but that isn’t what is happening at all. It hurts them at first to look at your until their eyes adjust to the level of light. Give them time and don’t take in personally.

PPS Pursue your passion and vision for your life and light up the night sky and the universe. You can burn so bright that people see you from millions of miles away – that is how powerful you are.

Ever at your service,

Saint Germain