Archangel Chamuel: A Channeled Message and More


This is an excerpt from Laura Powers’ forthcoming book on Archangels and Ascended Masters!


Channeled message:

So many of you are going through challenging experiences now. It is often difficult to release that which is no longer serving us. Know that what challenges us, does make us stronger. Do not fear this change. Imagine yourself like metal that is forged through the fire. All that is not essential is burned away to reveal the strength and beauty within. You are all so much stronger than you think you are. Know that you are never sent anything you cannot handle. Lean on us for strength when you need it.

Name meaning: He who sees God

Specialties and depictions: Clearing dark energy, finding lost items (especially wedding rings), forgiveness, romantic love, inner peace, catharsis, life purpose, strength, and tough love

Associations: Fire, the color pale green, initiations

Invocation: Archangel Chamuel, please help me find what I have lost, and find what I need in myself to heal and feel inner peace. Please assist me in healing my relationships and having the strength to follow my true path.

Other comments: When I see Chamuel, he is often on fire. Not a dangerous fire, but a cathartic fire which helps to clear away the superfluous and strengthen us. Call on him if you feel you are going through trials and need strength.

Stories about the angel: He really is good at finding wedding rings. A few years ago, a good friend asked me if her wedding ring was truly gone. It had been missing for a year. I got psychically to ask Chamuel to help find it. A few weeks, later she got a phone call from someone who had found it.