Hookah: The Hidden Risks

By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast


Recently I have started reacting very poorly when around Hookah smoke so this got me to a little research and I was shocked at just how toxic and dangerous smoking in this way is.


Hookah, also called Shisha, is water pipe smoking. This is a unique method of smoking tobacco that allows a person to smoke tobacco, and combining it with flavors like apple, coconut, chocolate, cappuccino, and watermelon. These flavorings sweetened the taste and aroma of the tobacco and making it appealing to young people.


It has several universal components, including a water bowl, metal body, a head with holes in the bottom, and a flexible hose with a mouthpiece.


Listed below are some of the potential health effects of hookah smoke:

-          Herpes

-          Tuberculosis

-          Hepatitis C

-          Heart Disease

-          Lung Cancer – 90% of lung cancer cases are due to smoking.

-          Cancer of the lips, mouth, and throat.

-          Asthma

-          Wrinkles and premature aging

-          Infertility

-          Gum disease

-          Stroke


Toxins in Hookah

Hookah smoke contains many harmful chemicals like to the traditional cigarette smoke, including:

·       Carbon monoxide

·       Tar

·       Arsenic

·       Chromium

·       Cobalt

·       Cadmium

·       Nickel

·       Formaldehyde

·       Acetaldehyde

·       Acrolein

·       Lead

·       Polonium 210, a radioactive isotope



What you didn’t know about hookah smoking:

-          Hookah smoke contains 36 times more tar, 15 times carbon monoxide and 70% more nicotine than cigarette.

-          Water does not purify hookah smoke and doesn’t filter out cancer causing carcinogens.

-          60 minutes of hookah is equal to smoking 40-400 cigarettes.

-          Sharing of hookah pipes results transmission of serious infections including tuberculosis and hepatitis C virus and herpes!

I feel that most people wouldn’t smoke hookah if they knew just how toxic and dangerous it is so I am trying to spread the word. Please share with others and listen to your body, if you feel sick from something, even if it is presented as safe, its important to listen to your body.




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