The Summer Solstice


By Laura Powers: Celebrity Psychic, Author, and host of Healing Powers Podcast.

The Summer Solstice

The summer solstice happens in June in the northern hemisphere and marks the longest day of the year. It also marks the first day of summer. In some places, the summer solstice is thought of as mid-summer. It marks a time to celebrate the fullness of life and ignite your passion.

Traditional Celebrations

This is a day which celebrates new beginnings and the feminine principle. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that weddings are often celebrated on or around the solstice. Many other celebrations also celebrate the sun during the summer solstice.

Traditional celebrations include bonfires, feasting, singing, and dancing either freely or around a maypole.

How to Celebrate Today

There are many who celebrate in the traditional ways around the world but if you cannot find something locally, you can create your own celebration. Here are some ideas to honor and enjoy this significant day:

·       Gather with friends and family for a meal

·       Light a fire or bonfire

·       Set intentions for the season or year

·       Enjoy the sun’s rays and count your blessings

·       Do a releasing ceremony to release anything you no longer want in your life

·       Dance on your own or with others

·       Enjoy nature during the day or evening.

There is no wrong way to celebrate since this day celebrates the feminine, your intuition, often associated with the feminine aspect will be stronger. It is a great time to tune in using your intuition as well.

Whatever you do, this is a day associated with magic and celebrations. So take a  moment or a day to really appreciate all that life has to offer!


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