Laura was interviewed as a guest psychic by Will Ferrell for a new podcast he launched early 2019 on iHeartRadio. You can learn more about the new show here.

Psychic Interview

Ron Burgundy got spiritual on the latest episode of "The Ron Burgundy Podcast." The anchorman learned all about past lives, ghosts and more from his special guest, psychic Laura Powers.

Find out what else Ron learned from Laura in the latest episode of "The Ron Burgundy Podcast" here.

Gut Health & Intuition

Laura was interviewed on 4 Phase Cycle Detox Podcast. Listen now

Laura was featured on Rue Magazine and Inspired by This for the Girls Night In Valentine’s Day party.

Laura is in production for episode 1 of a television series about her work and has other development deals in process. Stay tuned for additional details or subscribe to Laura's newsletter by emailing to hear the latest.

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Television and Video

Short Highlights Video

Long Highlights Video

The Jet Set Season 1:  Supernatural Cities Episode (10.5 minutes in) 

The Jet Set Season 2: & Beyond Borders (17 minutes in)

The Jet Set Season 3 (Coming Soon)

Buzzfeed: People Get Angel Readings for the First Time 

NBC 9 News Denver:  Paranormal Investigation on Halloween 

Charmed Life with host Tricia Carr: Manifesting Made Easy and Addicted to Helping


The Graveyard Shift: The Psychic Who Can't Sleep Because of Ghosts, Motherboard,

Laura's blog, Exploring The Dark and the Light

Supernatural Survival Guide, DeVour Magazine

Coffee and Conversation with the Dead, Hometown Weekly

Getting Spooky, Selling Halloween

Radio and Audio

Below are some recent interviews and podcasts. Click the title to listen.

Seek Reality: The Power of Healing from Within

The Soul Frequency Podcast: Archangels and Ascended Masters

Your Kick Ass Life Podcast Episode Episode 234: A Different Perspective on the Inner Critic

Your Kick Ass Life Podcast Episode 173: Angels, Guides, and You

WGN Radio

Charmed Life Podcast

The Happiness of Pursuit Podcast

Into the Parabnormal Radio

Perseverance Pays Off Podcast

Yolo Love My Life

Extreme Health Radio: How Stress, Energy, and Emotions Greatly Affect Our Health

Festival of Enlightenment Radio

Hidden Heroes Podcast 

Mondays at 3 Radio


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