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In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.  ~ Albert Einstein

Welcome to Healing Powers and Laura Powers


Heal: To restore a person to spiritual wholeness. ~ The Free Dictionary by Farlex


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What is Healing Powers and Who is Laura Powers? 

Laura is a Psychic Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Angel Communicator and Energy Healer who saw ghosts and spirits ever since she was a little girl. As an adult she took classes and learned how to better manage her gift and how to help others by doing readings, helping ghosts cross over, and communicating with spiritual beings on the other side.  Laura's mission is to connect people with spiritual resources and empower people to make positive life changes.  You can read more about Laura's newest book and pre-order a copy here.

Healing Powers was founded by Laura Powers as a way to educate and share information and resources on healing, metaphysical, and spiritual topics.  Healing not just in the physical sense of the word, but in an all encompassing way. Laura felt compelled to share information which helped her on her journey through major life transitions.  At a time when her life seemed totally upside down, the resources on this site helped create a better understanding and helped her move forward. 

You can now read Laura's newest book Diary of a Ghost Whisperer on Amazon!



Receive our Free Newsletter and Special Gift (the 1st 3 Chapters the book "Life the After-Life"!  
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TV:  watch Healing Powers TV, a show that deals with healing,metaphysical topics on the video page.  You can also watch a newer show that deals with the supernatural and spirits, Ghosts, Spirits, and Beyond with Laura Powers on that page.

Podcast: listen to interviews with a variety of guest experts on a variety of topics from love, to health, spirituality and abundance. Listen in on the podcast page.

Events: attend one of our classes; we host classes,workshops and events on a variety of healing topics, see the events page for more info.

Readings and Services: experience various services including readings, reiki, ghost communication and clearings yourself, home, and business.  

Newsletter: to read articles and special offers and more through the newsletter, simply subscribe in the box below.  You can opt out at any time and you will receive a free angel gift! You can read past newsletters and articles on the newsletter page.

Books and articles: Read articles and find out more about Laura's books on the read page.  

For more information on Healing Powers and Laura Powers, email laura@healingpowers.net


Sending you love and light,

Laura Powers

Founder and President

Healing Powers

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