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I don’t like to write about psychic reviews because it’s very private to me. But Laura is soo good I have to tell everybody. She deserves a Five Star! I’m so glad, to find her, I have had many readings, Laura is one of the few that is right on and straight forward. She tells me exactly what it is, freaking black and white. No “maybe” no “I feel like...” No hesitant and she’s so right about the guy I was asking for. If you are looking for relationship clarity, go for her, she will give you a clear answer. Be prepared, Coz you might not be ready for the truth. She’s a treasure and so gifted.
— Yelp Reviewer
Absolutely AMAZING! We instantly connected from the 1st read. She was able to answer all my questions and was truly genuine and straightforward and not just telling you what you “wanted” to hear.

She guided me with regards to my career, businesses, relationships, and finances. Thanks to her guidance I just increased my finances and business literally 10x my monthly $! thanks so much! A MUST MUST MUST SEE!
— Nikki K. Yelp Review
I just had an AWESOME angel reading by Laura Powers! I cried almost the whole time because it was so dead on. I don’t share this kind of personal information much. But, wow. You should go see her. It was really enlightening and pretty amazing.
— Reyna Von Vette
I have to say Laura has a true gift and has not only helped me, but my family as well. My first reading with Laura was amazing. At the end of my reading, I asked Laura if I should stay employed at my current job or start my own business (I was unhappy at the current job). She was told that I would do very well and to go out on my own. About 4 months ago, I did just that with total fear and excitement. My business grew so quickly! I am doing amazing and beyond happy with my situation!

Laura also came to do a clearing at my house. My daughter (6) had a “visitor” since she was a toddler. She was very afraid of seeing this visitor and she would have nightmares about it on a nightly basis (to the point of me laying with her to calm her down). Laura was able to help my daughter and find her angels and use them to keep this “visitor” away. I have to say, since Laura did the clearing in my home, my daughter has nit even the name of this visitor, nor has she woken up from any bad dreams. Laura is the real deal and has an exceptional gift!
She is amazing and I thank her for all she has done!
— Yelp Review from Jessica R.
I had goose bumps while she was talking. She gave me clarity with all the things that causes me so much stresss. Good and bad, it will be throughly discussed. I can’t believe how accurate she was and I didn’t even tell her anything about my life. I will definitely seek her wisdom again soon. Highly recommended.
— Marni Yelp Reviewer
I have seen roughly 15 psychics over the course of my life, and Laura is now in the top tier. (I am not easily pleased-and can be very skeptical). She is so good and specific - not at all dramatic, judgemental, or ambiguous. She has helped me to figure out vita relationship problems (she knew everything about him and his intentions - and was so accurate - without me saying a word) to serious career related issues. She has helped guide me back onto my path. Am setting up another reading soon to get some logistical information that I know she will be able to provide.
— R.N. Yelp Review
Laura gave me a wonderful reading that included a 1) soul & past life analysis 2) answering questions & concerns i had, she worked in depth on this and was able to keep us on topic when i got distracted, she Completely worked through one concern before moving on to the next one 3) asking the angels for any guidance i needed 4) spiritual, career, and personal recommendations
This was also my first time intently hearing about angels and how to work with them, it was great how she told me about which angels stood out the most in their assistance of me, gave me a short description and referenced resources that i could go to for more information about them :) And she taught me about how to work with angels.
Totally recommend her!!

Thank you Laura!!!
— Umbra Yelp Reviewer
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— Claire C.
After listening to Laura’s podcast for a few months I was impressed by her warmth, the kind way she approaches clients and her effusive positivity mixed with her direct sharing when one needs to hear something challenging,  I booked a session. I needed help. 

It was such a good decision. Laura was able to assess, to share what she saw and to help me toward clarity. The fog lifted as she described what was happening to me, why I felt confused, conflicted and exhausted as I juggled many obligations, “should dos” and more. Laura conducted a clearing and shared what she saw as my soul’s purpose. When we ended the session I was enlightened in more ways than one. I felt lighter, more positive, and filled with the desire and necessary actions to move forward.  Her insights resonated with me. I’m still vibrating with recovered energy and vitality.

Laura is amazing. Give yourself the gift of experiencing her. I’m so glad I did.
— Lynne